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23-07-03, 18:02
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I have a friend who was traveling to the UK for vacation. She just broke up with her boyfriend and really needed to get away from everything. So she knows that I live here, and she has other friends here as well, so I told her she could stay with me for a few days.

Well, she's also unemployed so she figured it would be a good time to take a trip since she wouldn't have to take off work. She charged her airline ticket on her credit card about $600 and off she was to London. She was going to stay with some friends in London first and then meet up with me later for a day or two, as I am leaving myself for vacation next week!

So off she was with her carry-on in hand and her travel journal. Well, when she arrived in London, she went through immigration and they asked her reason for entering, she replied "vacation." Then the girl proceeded to ask her more questions like, where do you work, where is your money coming from, why are you alone...she replied that she is currently unemployed and getting unemployment and paying for her trip through her credit card. Well, she was then taken into a room, where the guy took her travel journal with loose papers stuck in it (return ticket, phone #, etc). The girl asked how she was going to pay for her way while she was here. My friend told her she has a savings that she could access through her debit card. Mind you, my friend has traveled extensively to different countries.

Well, the immigration people read her travel journal, and proceeded to deny her entry. They escorted her to a plane where they handed the flight attendent her passport and announces that she is being deported. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif My friend felt like a common criminal. They were afraid that she was going to stay there. Come on, she has a lease in NYC and a freaking carry-on, plus a return ticket! They contacted her friends in London, because she mentioned in her journal how great it would be to see them.

How embarrassing. So she basically out $600 and treated like a criminal by the UK government. How could they do such a thing!!!!

I told her to contact the consulate or the UK ambassador or something, prehaps I will write a letter of complaint :mad:

I told her to come back and I would go to London myself to meet her and deal with any situation.. grrrrr

Thanks for listening

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the croft woman!
23-07-03, 18:13
omg! I know that the security has gotten stricter here, but that is bad!

I dont know what she should do, but I think she should contact someone! Maybe she should sue them....

23-07-03, 18:33
its not just the UK this has been happening, almost happened to me too about a month ago getting back to LA - i had to phone my mate to bring down my current visa acknowlagement cause they didn't believe i had one.

this was after showing them my US Drivers License, US Bank Account Card, ya know its just stupid how *****y they've started to get both sides of the pond.
I didn't even get a sodding apology niether for what they'd done, it was like "Oh well okay, i suppose you can go."

It oftenly helps in situations like that to actually have a mate in the airport waiting, cause you mention that there is someone there waiting for you and they'll want to ask them questions to... usually a vouching from someone who knows you tends to clear it all up (unless you get some truely awekard bugger)

next time you should suggest that she either gets a temp visa before hand or asks to talk to someone from the embassy.

for now i think she should visit her local embassy and explain to them whats happened.
god how i hate what bloody world circumstances have done to all of this immigration ****.

23-07-03, 18:50
She mentioned the visa thing before she left, but she was told that Americans did not need a visa to enter the UK unless they are staying longer than 6 months :confused:

She is so upset, she said she cried the whole way back, my friend is so sweet and is the most law abiding person, I guess sometimes it does not pay to be honest???

She was actually in the room for a few hours, she was not allowed to make a phone call, and she said there was other people in the room as well, she said there was a man from Africa who clearly needed medical attention and was being ignored and some Asian people as well!

I feel so bad for her :(

~Kasia http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/cutie.gif

23-07-03, 18:51
security is tough. im sorry about what happened to your friend, and id have her or u or someone definately contact the UK ambassador or w/e. id be furious if that happened to me.

when we were coming home from a cruise, i think we were leaving from Peurto Rico, and my dad was stopped and checked big time. he was in a bad mood as it was, and he didnt have the happiest expression on his face, so i dunno i guess they thought he was a terrorist or something. they pulled him aside and did a big time search and had a chat w/ him... my dad was furious.

but i guess its good the security is strict like that tho. i dunno.

the croft woman!
23-07-03, 19:00
what i did notice when i went to spain last year, they have started to take people at random and search them. They searched my mum, but were actually kind about it and explained why they were searching. My little sister asked them if they could search her to! :rolleyes:

23-07-03, 19:45
I was almost always flagged for searching...the one time I wasn't I made a comment about it and they searched me anyway...

23-07-03, 22:47
She was actually in the room for a few hours, she was not allowed to make a phone calli'd contact the embassy, because they're not legally allowed to do that - your allowed to contact people in order to cooberate your story, if they do not allow her to do that then they're breaking the European Human Rights Act.
kinda bad when things like this happen and i'd strongly urge that it should be contested if only to be reimburst for the financial losses.

normally you don't need to get a visa for a short stay of less than 3weeks - but if she wants to actually come back and not be bothered like that then i'd strongly suggest she applies for a Vistors Visa, then don't cost anything - its just a case of waiting (which is why most people don't bother).

just out of interest is she like from a minority background, like Hispanic/Asian/Arab or something? Don't mean to pry but it seems odd that they'd actually send someone back home on such a weak basis unless they're being discriminatory (which would be sad if they are).