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20-09-07, 15:17
Hey I asked out one of my best mates yesterday over email, he said yes and we walked home together. Everything seemed fine. But today he's been acting like nothings happened, we're only telling our mates we're together for um reasons. But he wouldnt even do that today. I kept asking and I was probably getting really annoying.

Also as this is my first relationship and his second I'm a little shaky, like not knowing how to act and getting scared when he walks close to me, a part of me wishes I never asked him out cos I can see this ending up being one big fallout because we all hang around in a group of 4 or 5 and I'm the only girl.

Chloe XXX

20-09-07, 15:24
I think I would ask him if he thinks this was a bad idea? You two need to talk honestly, let him know you value his friendship and don't want to lose it, if it's better you're just friends then that's fine, right?

20-09-07, 15:33
Yeah I think that would be best, but he's not the best talker seriously I think he'd just nod and walk off.

20-09-07, 15:34
Yeah I think that would be best, but he's not the best talker seriously I think he'd just nod and walk off.

Personally, that would be enough for me to want out.

in these arms
20-09-07, 15:40
I'm going out with a girl who it is her first relationship also. She told all her friend also, and everything is going great and normal.

But on the actual topic, I would tell him if he wants to still go on with the relationship. And if you are feeling uncomfortable in anyway, finish it.

20-09-07, 15:41
Yes but my question is, how?

I dont want to destory a beautiful friendship(s)

in these arms
20-09-07, 15:44
Theres risks and there isn't risks, but I was eavesdropping in science couple of days ago and I read something on this girls notepad, it read: "I'm sorry it has to go this way, but I really cant go on anymore, I feel like your trying to avoid me. I thought about this and it would be great to be best friends still. Until I feel more about myself." And then she said "Oh I cant use this its gay" but hey, worth a shot!

20-09-07, 16:07
Is it possible he's just shy or feeling nervous about the relationship aswell?

First few relationships can be absolutely terrifying at times and extemely awkward, you don't know what to say or do and your shaky and nervous when he's around, I know I've been there!

It was awful at first but it gets better when you get used to it. Maybe he's feeling the same way and doesn't know how to deal with it, he might really like you but he could be so nervous it doesn't show.

If you ask him if he still wants to be with you and he says yes then you just have to try and relax and be yourself like you were before you got together , try and have fun and things will get easier.

Lara Croft!
21-09-07, 15:45
Οbviously, u don't like the guy that much as a boyfriend but want to keep him as a friend. Best thing is to talk about it frankly "I liked you and I liked myself better when we are friends. I believe that because we were so close, we got mixed in the way, but a relationship isn't the right way to go. I like being your friend a lot better and friendship is more important to me" U may not really believe all that, but if u want to keep him as your friend u will have to break up in a way he won't be hurt or insulted. Best thing would get him to break up with u through conversation. The male ego is a very important thing!