View Full Version : Can it be possible to merge TR1-4 Aod Legend Anniversary in one Big game?

kill bill
22-09-07, 08:38
Ok so at the start of it:

TR2 -play iit like it is mission 1
TR3 -play it like it is mission 2
Tr4 -play it like it is with the dieing ending mission3
TR AOD some one murders voncroy and clears her name etc.
TR Legend After this she tries to find out what happened to Ameila
TRA Have a opening cutscene of caves then play TR1 as a flash back then after finishing the flashback play TRA it'self!:D

Jacob x5
22-09-07, 09:10
Do you realise that the games are not all sequels of each other? They are not in chronological order, for example Legend does not take place after Angel of Darkness. Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider 2 and Tomb Raider 3 are not sequels either and don't have any connection with each other or other games — they are just separate Lara Croft adventures.

22-09-07, 09:12
Would would you want this to happen? :confused:

Also, playing TR I then immediately playing TR:A afterwards would be pretty boring.