View Full Version : Is YouTube making it harder to find downloadable videos?

22-09-07, 10:54
Okay, time for my gripe of the day.

I'm not really a big fan of YouTube. It's great for video sharing, et all, but useless otherwise.

Everytime you want to watch a video, it has to be downloaded anew (unless it's still cached).

Normally, this wouldn't bother me.

But whenever I search for videos I can download to keep, YouTube always gets in there somehow and I can't find the downloads.

Even when I tell the search engine not to include YouTube, it still comes up.

I prefer video downloads, not flash videos you have to repeatedly download to watch.

22-09-07, 11:06
Use www.kissyoutube.com (http://www.kissyoutube.com) to download videos. Get a .flv to *Whatever format you wanna* converter as well.

22-09-07, 11:29
or use Vixy (www.vixy.net) to download youtube videos

23-09-07, 09:41
Thanks for the recommendation.

Unfortunately, the tool was unavailable for download.

I already have two tools for taking the flash files from YouTube.

In my opinion, Guba is better then YouTube. You can watch the flash file and the option of one, sometimes two downloads. You can download original avi or iPod format.

Unfortunately, Guba has not achieved YouTube's level of file diversity.