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Tthe Spirit
22-09-07, 19:39
Did you guys know that EIDOS's sucessful game Hitman will hit the theaters soon...

I think Hitman will be a sucesful movie since it willbe full of action and mystery...

I think i will go see this movie...

22-09-07, 19:42
i heared, but i doubt it will be a success =/
most video games turned movies arent

22-09-07, 19:46
A friend told me about this just the other day. Hope it doesnt become more popular than the Tomb Raider movie and steal Laras place in the Guinnies Book Of World Records. Altough I doubt it will..

22-09-07, 19:48
When is it being released?

just croft
22-09-07, 21:43
October 12th


one of the best trailer ever, a must see.

22-09-07, 22:07
I really hope they gonna make Deus Ex and Splinter Cell movies one day!!!

22-09-07, 22:23
I really think Jason Statham should be the Hitman. He was great in Crank.

I really hope they gonna make Deus Ex and Splinter Cell movies one day!!!

I'd watch a Metal Gear Solid movie before I'd want to see either of those made into adaptations, tho i havent played Deus Ex.

22-09-07, 22:23
I like Deus Ex first game more than Deus Ex: Invisible War.
But yeah im happy that there's gonna be Hitman movie, cause im a big fan, i have played all Hitman games!!

22-09-07, 22:50
Hey. Movies seem to be going through a period of " Lone-wolf seeking revenge" -style movies of late. Crank, Shoot-Em-Up, and Hitman all came out this year.
But I cant wait for The Spirit, the comic-adap, Directed by Frank Miller. Its coming out in the summer 2008. Cant Wait!!

Legend of Lara
22-09-07, 23:47
I thank the good kind lord that they dropped Vin Diesel. THAT would've made it a complete disaster!

22-09-07, 23:52

It still looks pretty crap though!......

23-09-07, 00:40
I'm looking forward to the movie, I love the games.

Still, I wish Jason Statham had been cast; ever since I first saw Transporter I wanted him to play Hitman.

Mona Sax
23-09-07, 08:12
I like Tim Olyphant, but I agree, Jason Statham would've been good as well. As for the movie itself, we all know how videogame adaptations usually turn out, so I don't expect anything at all and hope for a positive surprise. As long as they stay faithful to the games, it's not that unlikely - IMO the TR movies' biggest flaw was that they turned the source material into something it was not, same goes for Doom and Hulk, for example. In the case of Hitman, I hope they preserve the games' gritty, sardonic and violent nature and don't turn 47 into some sort of hero. Yes, the people he kills are no saints by any means, but at the end of the day, 47 wipes out lives for money. He's a murderer, and in his case, that's a good thing. It's what makes him interesting.

19-10-07, 19:48
I was hoping Jason Statham would be 47, but when you think about it he wouldn't have been that great, going around cracking jokes, not very 47 is it? Olyphant seems more 47'ish I could see killing him people without blinking and only saying a few words every 10 mins or so. I'm really loooking forward to this the only thing I don't like the look of is all the explosions and big shoot-outs the trailer shows, ok fair enough it's happened to the best of us but it's not supposed to happen in the overall game story, and whats all this about 47 going all soft on a "damaged girl". Well I suppose he did go good when he was with the preist. Does anyone know if Diana will be in it and will it be the same actress?

Agent 47
19-10-07, 19:53
i'm looking forward to this :jmp:

and i agree with Jason Stratham (didn't even know he was a Brit), was good in the Jet Li movie WAR imo :D

as for the Metal Gear movie....2008/9 i do believe :D

19-10-07, 20:38
Some people are having doubts about this film but from watching the trailers I think it looks pretty good. I've never played any of the Hitman games before though.

19-10-07, 20:55
Interestingly enough Xavier Gens was recently pulled to the side by 20th Century Fox after they caught the rough cut of the film and found it to be jam packed full of violence that would secure a hard R rating in NA - exploding head shots and so on. Obviously in theatres they wanna push for PG13 eventhough the games were aimed at the adult market...go figure. :pi:

So Gens is gonna have the theatrical cut well watered down and I guess we can expect all the proper action reinstated on DVD...well after an initial print of the film we'll get landed with a director's cut anyway - you know how they like to rip people off and make them double dip.

This doesn't really concern me though cause I reckon it'll be pants anyway, but I thought it was worth sharing. :cool:

Agent 47
19-10-07, 21:19
i don't know, if written and directed well it could blow recent game adaptations into the weeds *coughTRcough* *coughRE.Extinctioncough*

19-10-07, 23:16
I saw the trailer the last time I went to the cinema and it looked really good! Deffinately something I would want to see :)

19-10-07, 23:28
It's confirmed that Hideo Kojima wants to make a MGS movie and there rumors that Uwe Bole was going to create it and Kojima said that he would never ever give him rights to a MGS movie. I think Hitman is going to be a pretty sweet movie if you ask me. From the trailer at the theatres it looks pretty good.

20-10-07, 03:22
It actually looks pretty good. I wanna see it. Hitman rocks. :D

14-11-07, 17:22
has anyone noticed in the hitman 2 game 47 really looks like Zidane, would be awesome if Zidane was the 47 lol just kidding :)

14-11-07, 17:23
that movie looks so sweet the games were good and now the movie is going to be sick

14-11-07, 17:43
Looks like it has too much action. Hitman is about stealth. I cant wait for the Metal Gear Solid film.