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in these arms
26-09-07, 18:06
My mates were filming today, and we messed up a time so, we looked over and as we did at the end a Small Black Orb? Was "falling" down the screen, now we checked and nothing fell at all, nothing was on the floor. Check it out for yourself.

People who say its Photo shopped or edited, don't even bother.

HERE (http://youtube.com/watch?v=kRwrNY1sjwY)

26-09-07, 18:56
Looks pretty awesome :D

26-09-07, 18:58
Ever seen most haunted? Seeing as your from England.

Awesome Video :tmb: Very interesting.

in these arms
26-09-07, 18:58
We paused it at the time it showed, and it had some yellow and pink around the age, and then surrounded my blurness.

26-09-07, 19:00
Seeing as the camera is jolting about, camera's can do anything like that :p

26-09-07, 19:01
Seeing as the camera is jolting about, camera's can do anything like that :p

I was thinking that too...

26-09-07, 19:01
It looks like the light was too bright and your camera just filled in the brightness with blackness, if that makes sense.

With one of my old cameras, whenever I took photos that had the reflection of the flash in them (I might have been taking a photo of something in front of a window or mirror for example), there was sometimes a small black area in the centre of where the flash was.
I donít know what caused it, and certainly donít know the technical name for it (if there is one), but thatís what I think it is.

I don't think it's anything supernatural.

in these arms
26-09-07, 19:03
I know its too bright, but my cam doesn't darken things, it only brightens, + if it does darken stuff up it would of done it with all the screen and not some weird circle.

26-09-07, 20:14
LMAO it was the sun, not a black orb, that's what happend when you film the sun, coz the camera didnt have time to adjust to the light.

26-09-07, 20:16
Orbs looks like smoke or something. That was just a black dot.:p