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27-12-07, 14:02
For those of you who don't know who she is: Clicky (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benazir_Bhutto)

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (AFP) - Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in a suicide attack on Thursday, just two months after the former premier returned from exile for a political comeback.

Bhutto, a two-time former prime minister, had just addressed a campaign rally for next month's parliamentary elections when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the venue, killing her and at least 10 other people.

There were unconfirmed reports that the attacker had also opened fire on her with a weapon before the explosion.

"It may have been pellets packed into the suicide bomber's vest that hit her," interior ministry spokesman Javed Cheema told AFP.

It was the second suicide attack at a Bhutto event since she had returned from exile in October, aiming to contest the elections, and comes amid an unprecedented wave of violence in the country.

The deadliest terror attack in Pakistan's history targetted her homecoming rally just hours after her return, leaving 139 people dead.

After that attack, authorities repeatedly warned her they had information that Islamic militants were trying to kill her.

Government officials said President Pervez Musharraf had been privately told of her death.

The killing will deepen the political crisis in Pakistan, where Islamic militants have vowed to disrupt the vote and Musharraf's opponents -- including Bhutto -- accused him of planning to rig the result.

There have been more than 40 suicide attacks in Pakistan this year that have left at least 770 people dead.

Bhutto, educated at Oxford and Harvard, became the first female prime minister of a Muslim country when she took the helm in Pakistan in 1988. Her father, also a Pakistani prime minister, was hanged by the military in 1979 after being ousted from power.

Recalling how she stood at his grave, Bhutto once wrote: "At that moment I pledged to myself that I would not rest until democracy had returned to Pakistan."

She had repeatedly accused President Musharraf of being dictator and had been campaigning with fierce criticisms of what she said was his autocratic rule, vowing her Pakistan People's Party would deliver democracy.

Her killing was immediately condemned by the United States, which counts Pakistan as a pivotal ally in the US-led "war on terror".

Deputy State Department spokesman Tom Casey could not confirm that Bhutto had been killed in the bombing.

But he said: "We obviously condemn the attack that shows that there are people out there who are trying to disrupt the building of democracy in Pakistan."

A shaken Nawaz Sharif, Bhutto's main rival in the January 8 election, said he shared the grief of the entire nation and promised to take up her fight.

"I assure you that I will fight your war from now on," he told Bhutto's supporters, who were crying and wailing outside the hospital in the city of Rawalpindi.

Original article HERE (http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20071227/wl_afp/pakistanvotebhutto)

Footage of the assassination was aired on CNN.

This is truly horrible news, not only for her and her family but for the concept of politics all over the world.

27-12-07, 14:04
This doesn't bode well for Pakistan... More likely, this will trigger a catastrophe... :(

27-12-07, 14:07
This is truly terrible news and its so sad but I knew it would eventually happen. :(

27-12-07, 14:15
That's awful :(

27-12-07, 14:18
That's terrible :(

27-12-07, 14:26
My husband just told me! This is terrible news! She was so brave, I really admired her.
I understood what you meant, Capt Murphy.

Capt. Murphy
27-12-07, 14:26
I hope the Pig's 72 virgins all look like her. :wve:

Edit: Not that she's ugly... Just for the irony, and spite.

27-12-07, 16:12
This is truly terrible news and its so sad but I knew it would eventually happen. :(

Ditto:( This is horrible news.

27-12-07, 16:13
I saw this on the news today... This is really bad! Besides her family already suffered losses like this one because of politics as well!

Capt. Murphy
27-12-07, 16:20
I saw this on the news today... This is really bad! Besides her family already suffered losses like this one because of religious fanatics as well!
There. Fixed it.

27-12-07, 16:22
Murphy, give it a rest.

27-12-07, 16:24
This is awful news. :( I just read about it. :(

27-12-07, 16:26
That's... big. I'm no expert on Pakistani affairs but I don't believe Sharif can fill in her role in any way.

27-12-07, 16:29
I just heard this! ****, truly horrible :(

27-12-07, 16:29
I think Musharraf has dragged his feet long enough on rounding up OBL and his gang. Who else will be next? Eliminating OBL would also go a long way to stabilizing the whole region.

star girl
27-12-07, 16:33
I saw it on the TV, 6 PM local time..

Firing and explosion at PPP rally.

Benazir Bhutto wounded.

Benazir Bhutto in extremely critical condition.

Efforts to revive BB's breathing; breathing stopped for around 14-15 mins.

Benazir Bhutto passed away..

I did not support her, but I liked BB a lot - I only support Imran Khan, because I know even if you take him out of politics at least a large imprint of what he has done for Pakistan remains (i.e bringing cancer-treatment technology in Pakistan, for the first time in ANY third-world country, for free)..

She was a woman. She had kids. She had kids MY AGE!!! For the past 4 hours I keep looking at the news, and turning away. I STILL cannot believe she's no more.. May her soul rest in peace, that is seriously all I can muster.. May Allah help Pakistan in all aspects..

27-12-07, 16:35
Thus is how governments are changed or avoided. A bomb four days before the election. :ohn:

27-12-07, 16:38
it's sad :( I'm sorry

Mad Tony
27-12-07, 17:11
Sad news. This isn't gonna do any good for Pakistan's stability either.

star girl
27-12-07, 17:53
/\ Who knows? :(

Just saw her being taken in the coffin, damn, it's scary.. :( :( :(

27-12-07, 17:59
It's really a sad new. :(

27-12-07, 18:08
It's horrible.

You mostly see fanaticism and hatred in Pakistan. I'm not a political analyzer, but those feelings create a warlike climate.

I was listening to the news today and a Greek journalist mentioned the incident with such apathy, that I was really ****ed off. She was not allowed to ignore who she was, I'm telling you, she acted as if it was her neighbour that was assassinated.

27-12-07, 18:23
I just saw this on the news, terribly sad. Rest in peace Miss Bhutto.

27-12-07, 18:42
Very sad, and potentially very worrying for an already unstable region. My thoughts are with the families of those who have died :(

28-12-07, 03:52
Terrible. Itís a shame such a strong woman like her was killed. I truly admired her determination for democracy. May all terrorists rot in Hell for eternity.

28-12-07, 04:00
:( This is truly a sad day for democracy. They showed interviews where she said things like: I know I'm at risk, but it's ok if it's for the children of my country. I want to look at the better picture.

No doubt about it, she's a heroin.

May she rest in peace.

28-12-07, 04:01
Pity really, Benazir was a strong female power.

If Musharraf didn't do it, he'd better watch his back.

28-12-07, 04:49
It's sad. I saw it on the BREAKING NEWS last night. I really thought that if she made it, she would have brought change to Pakistan...the newscaster brought up several pressing questions on what would happen:

1. How would her death affect the upcoming elections

2. Who did it

3. How would her death reflect the political arena of Pakistan

I think there are so many people who might have pulled the trigger...I just hope that justice would be served...Pakistan needs some stability, its about damn time

28-12-07, 04:57
I'm stunned :(

28-12-07, 05:08
It definitely benefits the neoconservatives and our current administration.

28-12-07, 20:15
Sad news.:(

An inspirational lady.

29-12-07, 04:17
She was also extremely corrupt.

29-12-07, 06:22
Heard of this yesterday before yesterday.

Holy ****... :yik:

Now what?

29-12-07, 06:31
Im not sure who she is but R.I.P.

star girl
29-12-07, 12:48
She was also extremely corrupt.

I've heard a lot of this..

But it's some of her past achievements that has earned her a bit of my respect, to be honest.. I never supported the PPP or Benazir herself...

30-12-07, 09:21