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04-01-08, 02:11
James Carter(Chris Tucker) is so damn funny.Like in the first one at the end when he tells the 2 people to stick the badge up their butts,or in the third one when he is at the Kung Fu place and gets his ass kicked by a big boy taking steroids(thinks).I love those funny scenes at the end of the movie.Their many more reasons but this is an example.Share all your thoughts here.

:vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol::v lol::vlol::vlol:

04-01-08, 03:25
I always loved the Rush Hour movies; Chan and Tucker really are great together, however I must say the 3rd movie wasn't nearly as good as the first two, and the second movie is the best by far.

Having met Jackie Chan a few times and been to dinner with him, he's quite proud of the movies, although he thinks Chris Tucker needs an ego check.

Chiki Mina
04-01-08, 03:31
"I'm going to beat the puberty out of you!"

@Admels: Chris Tucker is hillarious. But he needs an ego check, like you said. RH 3 was on hold because he was asking for more money.

04-01-08, 04:06
I thought the second one was actually better which is very rare to find in movies. I haven't seen the third one, but I really want to see it.

Evan C.
04-01-08, 04:13
He is very funny,i love it.Besides,his own face make me LMAO

Mad Tony
04-01-08, 06:18
I love them. :D Haven't seen the third one yet, doesn't look as good as the first two.
The first one's my favorite by far. :)