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04-01-08, 22:10
Does anyone know where I can download sounds from TR games? :confused: And by sounds I mean, Lara talking. Like, where can I download Lara saying, "I'm sorry. I only play for sport.", etc.

I remember this site (a fan site, most likely) where you can download those kind of sounds. But I don't remember the site name. :( I remember it has a black background.

So, can anyone please help me? :confused: It would be so much appreciated. Thanks.

04-01-08, 23:09
Download the cut scene you want the audio from off of tomb raider chronicles, go to windows movie maker, then just drag the clip into the audio part and save.

05-01-08, 10:20
I think he means the quote only.

Minty Mouth
05-01-08, 10:24
If thats the case then you can trim the clip to just the part you want, easy really.

in these arms
05-01-08, 12:19
There are loads when you download TRLE. But I don't know if there are cutscene sound clips.