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21-05-04, 21:08
SEOUL, South Korea (May 21) - Three South Koreans and one Japanese climber have died in separate incidents on Mount Everest, officials and media said on Friday.

The bodies of the three South Koreans were found after they had gone missing early this week as they descended the world's highest mountain, a South Korean university official said.

Two of a seven-member climbing team went missing on Tuesday, apparently after having suffered exhaustion, the official said, and the third went astray after launching a rescue mission.

"We were informed from the South Korean embassy to China that a Tibet climb association found bodies of the three at the mountain," an official of Keimyung University said, adding that the university was trying to establish other details.

In Tokyo, news agency Kyodo said a 63-year-old Japanese woman fell ill and died on Thursday after reaching the peak of Mount Everest, 29,035 ft high.

Shoko Ota died about 980 ft below the summit, Kyodo quoted the Tokyo-based firm that organized the climb as saying.

21-05-04, 23:12
This happens every year at this time; the window between the extremes of winter and the storms of the monsoon season.

Right now, Everest will have hundreds of people (many, very inexperienced) pushing for the summit...racing into the death zone.

21-05-04, 23:59
I've always been fascinated by mountain climbing...in an academic sense; I'm not the climbing sort.

I'm amazed by the number of people who are willing to pay upwards of $50,00 US to attempt Everest every year: a lot of these people have no mountain climbing experience of any kind, & think that because they are paying someone to "guide" them, they will be safe.

Inexperience & stupidity will kill you every time.

22-05-04, 00:04
The clients are paying the guides huge sums of money to 'get them to the summit' and so the guides feel compelled to push back the boundries of safety and attempt a summit bid 'at any cost'............

22-05-04, 00:09
Robbo: did you know Fred & Barnie from Bedrock? :D

22-05-04, 00:13
Yup, they're a page right out of his-tor-ree! ;)