View Full Version : worth being bought?

13-04-08, 02:09
i bought trle of ebay and it hasn't come yet.

now i think:is it worth buying?

p.s.it's taking forever to come bought it monday

13-04-08, 02:14







YOu can download it http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/cgi-bin/dl07/dl.pl?le_vista_trle


Happy E-bay hunting :)

13-04-08, 02:41
what the hell were you thinking!!! people google is your friend!!!

sorry to yell, but i'd try to get my money back if i were you.

13-04-08, 03:15
I hope you mean you bought TR Chronicles with trle included.

13-04-08, 05:20
As it was said before, and I am sorry to say it again but if you were only buying TRLE then they ripped you off, it is free, and if nothing comes, I know it is frusterating (I too have been ripped off on Ebay once) but don't get really angry at them by emailing/messaging, give them a bad review but don't get mad directly at them, angry feeds them, they like seeing that they got you mad, and truthfully speaking they don't care what you say either, just give them a bad review so others are forewarned about them.

13-04-08, 11:56
I wouldnt bother with ebay, you can get it from amazon for 2 lol

But seriously WHY have they stopped selling TR5+TRLE in shops?? and why havent they released a TR Classic Pack with all the Golds & TR3:LA in?

13-04-08, 11:58
I would love to know too...

I found soldout version with tr5+trle in GAME ;):)

13-04-08, 12:06
I found soldout version with tr5+trle in GAME ;):)

I havent seen a tr5+TRLE in GAME for the last 4 years now :(

I'm just glad I was able to 'acquire' a copy of TR3:Lost Artifact, as Ive NEVER seen it in a shop EVER... although I should get around to playing it one of these days

13-04-08, 12:47
lol i need to get a copy of tr3G

13-04-08, 15:23
i bought it WITH chronicles people!

13-04-08, 15:32
That is completely OK. I bought mine on ebay too - I payed a little more because I chose an ebay auction with 'the chronicles official solution book' included - I hoped it would contain a printed trle manual, but it only contained about 6 pages on trle. And the chronicles solution itself is messy :D .

Bought on Monday, not arrived on Saturday - You could ask the seller what's up, but it may be perfectly normal. Maybe they only get to the post office every now and then, or they went to visit someone for a week and are not home ...