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12-09-08, 08:12
The Sims 2 Thriller, music by Michael Jackson.All custom content from mod the sims.
How to make zombies:-

First, you need to have 'University' then you need to get the Resurect o nomitrom I think i spelt that wrongits the paranormal career reward Grim Reapers phone the cheat 'unlockcareerrewards' gets it instantly if like me u cant be bothered working for it. make sure your sims know at least one sim thats died and call up the grim reaper to bring them back to life, he asks you to pay him and if you dont give him very much money then the sim comes back as a zombie, about 2000 is low enough cos any lower and he just hangs up/ I hope that explains it.



12-09-08, 09:20
Awesome, I love any kind of zombie.

Braaaiiinssss. Nice find also. :tmb:

Agent Dee
13-09-08, 02:36
for some stupid reason there is a song playing over the video even when it is paused. so i found the same video on youtube so you can see it without that annoyance.


14-09-08, 18:42
I love the floating head.:p

06-10-08, 05:36
I like it.

07-10-08, 04:09
I love the game:jmp: