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26-12-08, 21:38
This thread is to see what TR players would expect to be the perfect TR game experience.

mine would have to be very detailed enviorments just like TRU but with even better graphics the areas in TRU were awsome but could be even better with better graphics. The water in TRU was good but could have looked even more realistic, the characters should have the same graphics as lara but still the graphics could be even better , probably the graphics they used from BEOWULF, that would be cool,

perhaps more blood in the game , like when you kill something a small puddle of blood oozzes out of the body , or when shooting at things , bullet holes can remain in the area and still be seen later on,

more scary areas too , like surprise attacks on lara by humans or animals, or even mechanisms.

laras free moving hair in TRU was great but it looked to fake , i don't know how to descirbe it but it could have looked more realistic,

we should have the option to have a weather system were we can choose the weather in the location , or night or sunlight or something like that,

if there is a storm in a level make the storm , more scary looking , by making trees more wildly with the wind and rain.

there should be smaller creatures running about in the enviorment not just the ones that attack lara, like small lizards,snakes , rabbit , something like that.

and we should be able to see cutsence or replay level like in legend and anniversery right!!

way more outfits for lara , and we can use them on anylevel we would like ,

and the last thing make things in the enviorment more grabable not just sticks like in TRU, we should be able to use rocks , sticks , ice , useless mechanisms,

we should be able to destroy some of the enviorment and use it for weapons or puzzels

and the puzzles need to be bigger and way way harder then in TRU
that would be perfect for me

so what would be your perfect TR game experience for the future!!:jmp:

26-12-08, 21:54
Graphics arent a problem for me at all... your asking for beowulf graphics in a game :rolleyes:? sure wait a couple years thats no ones fault other then our current hardware limitations.
I really liked the direction TRU went, id just generaly like longer levels with huge puzzle based set pieces. Loads of alternate routes would be nice too.. basicaly TRU with more sophisticated puzzles and larger levels would do me fine... oh and id also like to see the oldschool inventory system back lol.

26-12-08, 22:55
Open World:)

26-12-08, 23:09
Something TR4-length. It'd take CD 10 years to do it, but boy would it be worth it!

Eddie Haskell
26-12-08, 23:27
Something TR4-length. It'd take CD 10 years to do it, but boy would it be worth it!

If they still used the MFD system than it would be a long, boring game...;)

27-12-08, 00:01
I pretty much got that from Legend and currently Underworld.

27-12-08, 01:02
I want extremely beautiful, creative graphics.

I want to be immersed in these beautiful, sometimes deadly looking, locations, that really make you want to explore and come back another time.
One of the reasons I love to come back to Uncharted, because it's so damn beautiful.

27-12-08, 01:13
I seriously worked on these suggestions and they are a lot so i dont want to repeat them all. so here it is....:



27-12-08, 03:14
graphics just like tru, story line like legend, moves from tru with lara of tru... oh and its on pc, with low specs like oblivion...:D

27-12-08, 03:48
If they still used the MFD system than it would be a long, boring game...;)

What's the MFD system?


27-12-08, 04:06
The perfect Tomb Raider game experience will occur when Crystal Dynamics can give us an Uncharted: Drake's Fortune-level quality game. It should:

- Be much longer. Like, Last Revelation long. If it takes two years, then take two years. If it takes four, then take four. But it shouldn't be about how much money (though it sadly is).

- Not have a story that needs to be continued in another game. Keep it self-contained but epic.

- It doesn't always have to be about the Apocalypse. If they can find a decent reason for the end of the world - rather than "evil genius wants to destroy human life" - then go for it!

- In Croft Manor, you must able to lock Winston in the freezer.

- Some new vehicles. The bike is nice, so are kayaks. But let's have something brand new. Jet skis! Tanks! Helicopters! Underwater cars (she's rich enough to have one!)

- Better hand-to-hand combat. That's always been a let down in Tomb Raider.

- A historical MacGuffin - then have the legends surrounding it be mostly real, rather than meshing several cultures together like they did in Underworld.

- Have a really good final boss. I'm talking Devil May Cry level difficulty.

Eddie Haskell
27-12-08, 04:28
What's the MFD system?


Nope. CD's patented "Movement for Dummies" system. It is advertised as such:

*Announcer with the famous K-Tel voice (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkU1teKNjwQ) appearing on your television screen* "Hey gamers! Ever have this happen to you? *Gamer on tv screen throws controller at TV* Than get Underworld, the game that practically plays by itself! It utilizes Crystal Dynamics patented MFD system to avoid frustrating learning curves and allows you to laugh at danger. I know what you're saying, it can't be true! But Just look at our test subject. This 90 year old granny has never played a game before. And yet as you can see she is climbing all over and leaping about, without fear of disaster because of the exclusive MFD system. Don't let your skillful friends make fun of you any more, get Underworld and show them that you too can be a gaming hero!"

27-12-08, 04:32
no more blonds, loads of outfits, longer development for a more perfected engine, and loads of more levels to expect, and cheats please :D XD