View Full Version : Sheet Music Request Thread

25-01-09, 12:40
Hey guys, Instead of scouring the internet and probably downloading a virus or too, I decided to post in this friendly community.

Okay, I won't beat around the bush, I take Sound Engineering at school, Basically I record a song then add effects and stuff etc.

So for my first piece, I did We Are Broken by Paramore, and thats almost finished and I'll post it soon BUT I need to start thinking ahead to my next one. I want to do Wine Red by The Hush Sound and I'm wondering...

Does anyone have sheet music for it? :)

Thanks in advance ;)

Also this thread can be used for other requests as a sharing thread.

25-01-09, 13:00
Sorry I don't have that sheet music :p

I write the score for my uni orchestra, since it wouldn't be practical to buy scores when our group is relatively small :)

I use GuitarPro to write the score :D