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tlr online
10-05-04, 21:41
A MAN who had a sex change is hoping to have a baby with his lesbian girlfriend using sperm which he froze before his operation. The unnamed couple from London have flown to the US for fertility treatment because they also want to use embryo screening to ensure the baby is a girl, a process illegal in Britain. The bizarre arrangement means the child will have two "mothers", even though one will be her biological father. Yesterday, family campaigners described the situation as "abhorrent".

"Trying to explain this riddle to a young child who is bound to ask, 'Who am I and where do I come from?' is a recipe for confusion," former Liberal Democrat MP Lord Alton said. The transsexual and his girlfriend, both in their 30s, were referred to the US clinic by controversial fertility expert Dr Paul Rainsbury, one of the doctors at the centre of the row over so-called "designer babies". In 1997, Dr Rainsbury became the first British doctor to offer parents the chance to select the sex of their baby.

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10-05-04, 21:49
You can choose the sex of your baby? Wow, technology has come a long way............ http://instagiber.net/smiliesdotcom/contrib/dvv/sconf.gif

10-05-04, 22:28
So...the guy became a woman....and has another woman as a partner...cos the guy wanted to be a lesbian woman....and the other woman wanted the guy but not as a guy but as a woman ...cos the other woman is a lesbian and thus isn't interested in guys, only women. So the guy became a woman.

There you go, get the kid to make sense of that and there'll be no problem.......

10-05-04, 23:26
Now let me see if I've got this right........... No, give up :confused:

10-05-04, 23:32
I think its fine. If they want to have a baby that much they sound to me like they will be good parents.

Since when has parents who divorces and remarry and the child has two mums and dads, or a dad or mum leaves when the child is born, or the child is an orphan, or a child has foster parents and biological parents, or is brought up by its siblings because its parents are dead, or by two gay men, or children having a surrogate mother and biological parents or brought up by it godparents or who knows what other situations I can think of right now at 9.30 am?? You get the idea. Since when have they been bad things?

Families are scattered enough as it is. If they want a child they should be entitled to bring one into this world.

Wake up people. The real world is not mummy and daddy together forever. If mummy used to be a daddy then I dont care as long as he/she is a GOOD PARENT.

11-05-04, 14:44
HERE HERE Andromeda!

11-05-04, 14:54
I see nothing wrong with it. Just because they're not your common parents doesn't mean they won't love their child, and that's all a child needs - a loving family.

11-05-04, 15:56
I agree.

But the Family tree project in school will be a bit tougher.

12-05-04, 09:28
I have nothing against that sort of parenting as long as the child is cared for. However, it's society that has a problem with such stuff and the child is likely to be abused by other dumb kids whose education system doesn't teach a lesson our world really needs right now...TOLERANCE!

13-05-04, 03:00
There's nothing wrong with same sex parents, I think most sensible people know that. But what if the embryo is a boy? What are they going to do, kill it? Maybe I'm getting into abortion issues... anywho...