View Full Version : Nell McAndrew web site goes live

tlr online
21-11-04, 10:21
Former Lara Croft model Nell McAndrew has joined the digital revolution with her own web site which promises to focus on Nell's immense charity work and will include updates, galleries and media. Nell tells us: "I promise I will do my best to keep my site updated and interesting. I would really appreciate your opinion too, if there is anything you feel is missing just let me know.

"I have tried to include lots of news, pictures, and as I'm a fitness fanatic, lots of health and fitness info, including the opportunity to ask our fitness expert for advice." For more information, head on over to www.nellmcandrew.tv (http://www.nellmcandrew.tv) and keep up to date with the former I'm A Celebrity TV star.

21-11-04, 17:21
Loverly.... :rolleyes: LOL