View Full Version : Does anybody here work for the NHS?

09-07-09, 11:07
Recently I've been wanting a job in nursing, probably a pediatric nurse. But what GCSEs and stuff do you need to work for the NHS?

09-07-09, 11:08
Maybe this will help?


09-07-09, 13:51
If you don't have anything there are courses you can do.

For example, I did not have good enough grades to get into University so I went through 2 years of college, Introduction and Access to Nursing, which have now sealed me a place in Uni, which I start in Sept :).

In Scotland you need highers, not sure about GSCE's tho.

09-07-09, 14:08
One day I will ;)

You don't need any specific grades for the diploma route, but that may not be here in the future, as they're planning on going 100% degree. For the diploma, most places say you need 5C's at GCSE in both Maths and English. Some say science aswell. Also,
most prefer you to have two A-Levels aswell, but this can be any two. For the degree route, it's whatever they decide on ;)

09-07-09, 15:25
Im on a nursing corse atm
And just finshed first year.
I got ok high school grades, not the best and not the worst. I went on to do 2 year college corse "Health and social care" then i got my place in Uni doing Adult Nursing :)
If you want to do somthing in the NHS they like people who are expierced. Thats why i did the college corse before i went to uni. I also got a job at a care home.
If you are willing to do Childrens nursing if your in the UK it will be 1st basic nurse training then you branch off in the 2nd and 3rd year.

Also if you go for the Degree, you will get less bursary money.