View Full Version : Fun Forum-Game:The Person Below Me!

Owner nr1
09-07-09, 12:43
This is an easy and fun forum-game!
The Rules:Someone posts a question, like :''TPBM(The Person Below Me) likes to eat chocolate.'' the next person says yes or no to that question, and asks the next question. example:''TPBM hates Natla.''
next person: ''yes, i do!
TPBM likes pizza.''
Easy, isn't it? first question: TPBM doesn't like horror-movies.
Have fun! :D

09-07-09, 13:10
There's already a huge thread about this :p
it is probably one of the biggest, most posted in thread on these Forums. This should belong in Gen chat anyway, welcome to the forums.:)

09-07-09, 13:30
welcome to the forums! :D theres already a thread for this in the general chat.