View Full Version : tomb raider mobile ps1

kuki sanban
14-07-09, 10:01
hey guys,is there a tomb raider java mobile game that look like on ps1?? like tomb raider n-gage. if anyone knows the web,share pls.:D

kuki sanban
14-07-09, 10:02
i want it! pls

14-07-09, 10:06
If you have Windows Mobile you can get Tomb Raider 1 for it :)
I don't think a 3D Java version exists

kuki sanban
14-07-09, 10:16
owh,okay..thnks anyway..

14-07-09, 13:16
someone on here was creating a java version of tomb raider 1 a while back, not sure who it was any who it needed the original disc anyways

kuki sanban
17-07-09, 01:42
but i want the look same on ps1,u know what i mean?