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04-01-10, 17:38
Loooooong time since I posted on these boards! :wve:

When Legend came out I bought it for PC and played it. I was one of the people on here that slated the game and called it for everything. I hated it as a TR game although I do remember saying it wasn't a bad action adventure game. But I did really get torn into it! :o

The other day I picked up a copy for 360 dirt cheap and decided out of curiousity to give it a go to see if the gamepad and 360 controls made any real difference. And d'ya know what? I actually really enjoyed playing it again! :) It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I remember it. OK the controls are twitchy and the camera poor at times and Zip and Alistair still drive me mad and the puzzles are non existent. But it still played along in a fun way and I have to say that I take back much of the criticism I flung at it back when it came out. It really isn't that bad. Of Crystal's games I prefer Anniversay (still to try that on 360) and loved Underworld. But I think having got used to Crystal's games and replaying with the better controls of the 360 compared to the PC (never thougth I'd say that either!) I think Legend is not as bad at all as some of the criticism it's had in the past. It's a good game. Flawed, glitchy and somewhat dumbed down. But it's still fun.

Must try Anniversary on the 360 now... :ton:

05-01-10, 13:45
If you ever get tired of listening to Zip and Alister during the game you can simply go into the sound options and turn the voice volume all the way down. You will still hear them in the cutscenes, and they do not say anything really important during normal gameplay. You can turn the music off as well and just listen to the ambient sounds in the levels, which gives a completely different feel to the game.