View Full Version : Did you like the ending to Lost? (no spoilers)

tlr online
25-05-10, 18:39
Please don't post spoilers for those who haven't yet watched it. For those who have, this poll is for you.

Legend of Lara
25-05-10, 18:41
Never watched Lost, but I'm voting the last option for lolz.

25-05-10, 18:42
Loved it! :tmb:

25-05-10, 18:51
Save the Penguins, keep the oceans clean! Because it's important and all. :D
That and I have only seen like 1 episode of Lost and was thoroughly confused (so I didn't watch it again, ever)

25-05-10, 18:52
Overall I loved it - there were a few things that irked me but just minor things really.

25-05-10, 18:53
It was pretty underwhelming tbh, just like the last 3 seasons.

25-05-10, 18:54
Please can someone PM me and tell me what happens! I watched the first 2 seasons and always wondered how it would end! Please someone tell me!


25-05-10, 19:08
"Save the penguins" as I havenít watched it yet and am not going to do so for quite some time ahead. Once season 6 comes out on DVD, I guess.

25-05-10, 19:10
Save the Penguins, keep the oceans clean!

Stopped watching LOST during season 3 when it started to kill itself. Might pick it up again someday.

25-05-10, 19:11
Save the Penguins, keep the oceans clean!

larson n natla
25-05-10, 19:11
Don't watch it so for cheap giggles I put penguins :D

25-05-10, 19:13
So many people voted for the penguin option, me included. :pi:! Either we all love penguins too much, or Lost sucks! :eek:

25-05-10, 19:19
Keep the oceans clean!

Chocola teapot
25-05-10, 19:23
Please, Donate £2 a month to Justi... Penguinloversunited.

Keep our oceans clean, save the penguins.


*Sad music fades out.*

25-05-10, 19:23
So many people voted for the penguin option, me included. :pi:! Either we all love penguins too much, or Lost sucks! :eek:

Or they donít watch Lost and have no opinion either way, or they didnít watch the ending yet, orÖ

25-05-10, 19:28
takes an idiot to think up a mystery,

takes a real writer to resolve it. :pi:

25-05-10, 19:52
Save the penguins!

I used to LOVE Lost...Then all of a sudden "the final season, LOST" and I'm like "Yes!" a year later..."this is the final straw, LOST." "Urm ok..." And then a year later "the final season, LOST" "meh give me a break" I stopped watching it because they stretched it too far, I only expected like two or three series...

And I remember on Tv each season they'd say "this is the final..."

25-05-10, 20:01
Or they don’t watch Lost and have no opinion either way, or they didn’t watch the ending yet, or…

...people are suckers for polls and willl vote even if it doesn't apply to them :p

As for me, I only watched the first season. I have a lot of catching up to do. So Penguins all the way.

25-05-10, 20:01
I thought this final season was disappointing, but I loved the finale. Finally the characters were in the spotlight again, and not the awful Jacob/MiB story.

25-05-10, 20:02
I used to watch it in the beginning, but I lost interest a long time ago and I hardly watch tv anymore. So yeah, keep the oceans clean!!

25-05-10, 20:12
It was pretty meh. It didn't reveal any big mysteries or anything, so the writers still have a lot to explain.

It was only GOOD because of the nostalgia and emotions. It was great to see old characters again. :)

25-05-10, 20:25
It was kind of lame and a pretty unimaginative way to end...

25-05-10, 20:41
I thought they could have been much more imaginative, but its not really like they had much leeway to end it all- they backed themselves into a corner ages ago. I'm just going to pretend it ended slightly differently to how it actually did.

25-05-10, 20:44
It was alright. I mean, I knew the ending wouldn't please me so I just accepted it.

Ward Dragon
25-05-10, 20:45
I voted for the penguins since I haven't seen the show at all yet. I'll probably get around to watching the entire series at some point though so I'm avoiding spoilers (same with 24).

Yunaīs Wish
25-05-10, 20:47
I think it's quite important to save the penguins. Wasn't that the message of the show?

Ada the Mental
25-05-10, 21:01
Didn't love it but liked it.

I didn't expect much in the way of answers. It would have been impossible at this point unless they gave us 2.5 hours full of nothing but exposition. And anyway, with a little imagination and canon evidence you can fill in most of the gaps on your own. No right and wrong answers, since it's obvious that the writers themselves have changed their minds about a lot of stuff, and as a result, there are inconsistencies.

Also, while most people have totally valid reasons to dislike the finale, it seems that others hated it because they completely misinterpreted what happened. It was pretty clear, actually.

25-05-10, 21:11
I loved the ending but I also hated it - everything was so right, I just did not like right at the ending that we found out -headache-

25-05-10, 22:27
Penguins. :)

25-05-10, 22:37
ive only seen like..four minutes of the show...so i voted for Penguins

Dennis's Mom
25-05-10, 22:40
I liked it. It didn't answer all my questions, but I probably would have liked it less had it tried. It brought closure, which I suppose is all one can ask for.

25-05-10, 22:40
Saved the penguins option because I've never watched it.

26-05-10, 11:21
Save the Penguins, keep the oceans clean!:wve:

Lowlz yeah that shows :cen: me off everytime I watch it. But I would really like to see the last episode. Just Curious.

26-05-10, 11:57
I think it's quite important to save the penguins. Wasn't that the message of the show?


I havnt watched it yet i havnt even seen season 5 yet. I think people who hate it just cant handle the complexity :p