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\Tomb Raider/
27-05-10, 20:55
::mad: Animal Abuse :mad:

My friend sent me this link yesterday as it was also sent to him he donated 100 dollars and me too to help protect animals from such disgusting people. This video made me cry with anger and i wish those people get punished for what they do to such beautiful animals.. seriously these people should be punished ... I love all animals no matter if lizards or mammals ....ETC.. here is the link which shows the video and there you can also find a way to donate money to them.

you can even download as little as 25 cents or more. please help, help these animals :(

Mod edit: link removed for mature content

27-05-10, 21:04
I feel sick.

That makes me ashamed to be human.

Like- if I was alien invaders- I'd **** us all up. Seriously. Humans are pathetic on overview. I'd kill the men who did that to those animals. Does that make me as bad as them? Yes it does. So I'm a **** up as well. I'm so ****ing angry. I doubt this thread will live. It's too much of a touchy/disturbing subject- well the video, anyway.

27-05-10, 21:05
that is ****ing awful.

:( i think you should take the video down, but that wouldnt really bring awareness:o

i really wish that cows were agressive, and stomp the **** out of those stupid idiots. really, OMG, just speechless.:mad:

sadly, i have no (digital) money to donate.

at first when i saw the thread, i was thinking, at least they arent attacking people, but this instance really makes it seem no better to do it to an animal. poor cows.

27-05-10, 21:05
Im afraid this thread will probably be closed but I feel the same way. I get loads of emails regarding animal cruelty every day and it breaks my heart -- im devoting my life to fight for them and be the voice they dont have.

xxxx :hug:

27-05-10, 21:11
Poor Cows. :(
I love cows they are such adorable creatures. This is sick.

27-05-10, 21:16
Animal Abuse is disgusting. I'm not clicking on that site, I'm afraid of what I'll see...

27-05-10, 21:19
Animal Abuse is disgusting. I'm not clicking on that site, I'm afraid of what I'll see...

Same, im not clicking the link because i'll get myself upset. I already know how bad animal cruelty gets.

Ward Dragon
27-05-10, 21:20
That video is really not appropriate for a 13+ forum.