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John Falstaff
22-10-03, 02:02
Hi Everyone,


I think this is more general chat than AOD! Now, with my brand new T.V., http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/jumper.gif I've finished off Boaz in 10 minutes flat! (If you have a PS2 it DOES help to have a TV!)

But it is odd, a couple of difficult encounters, but the rest seems so easy!


But where next? Maybe they really should give up on the TR series. You can have too much of a good thing! Most of the PS2 games I've seen have been PSX games with better graphics, but that's all! Bar Broken Sword 3 I've seen little that has, in terms of concepts, been different. Do we really want, or need, a TR34, or a FF VC.

Maybe it's better to keep illusions about past games? People have talked about being disappointed about AOD, but so far I've found PS2, the 'next' genration consoles to be dissapointing!

I know I've wandered about a bit, but I am dissapointed about not only AOD, but also the whole PS2 thing!

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22-10-03, 02:21
It's true that the PS2 has alot of sequels. But it does have a whole lot of new concepts like Devil May Cry & the Eye Toy.
Thumbs up to the GameCube for creating new franchises and revolutionary games :D
Thumbs down to the xbox for being a PC in disguise :rolleyes:

John Falstaff
22-10-03, 02:27
If I had the dosh I'd think about another platform, do you have any links about game cube and innovation? I mean how many John Madden Footballs does the world need!?


22-10-03, 02:34
I can only really suggest a few sites thinking off the top of my head (I'm at work right now)
http://www.nintendo.com ;)
http://www.hyperactive.com.au (for reviews of games) Aussie mag site

John Falstaff
22-10-03, 02:46