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16-11-03, 10:12
hey annaica i have very good pecan pie recipe
that my mom make i look for recipe for you
also you might just have do you watch?
martha stewart do have her recipe i have three
martha stewart recipe i be happy to the to you

16-11-03, 11:24
Thank you for the thought but my family roots are Texan and pecan pie is in our blood already. My uncle had a pecan (farm or orchard? :rolleyes: ). I've used them in pretty much anyway you can think of. For the record the old fashioned basic recipt is far the best. All that stuff about adding bourbon or chocolate or whatever is http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yuck.gif . Thanks again.

17-11-03, 00:30
i agree with you annaica imo add chocolate or
bourbon ins not a pecan imo but okay since
you from texas so probably pretty good pecan pie
recipe that as lots of pecans in it also that when you bake a pecan pie there pecans alway to bottom now that my kind pecan pie also hate frozen
pecan not good as homemade pecan pie

17-11-03, 00:37
I've never seen one with the pecans on the bottom. :eek: . I don't even know how you would get them down there!

17-11-03, 00:44
Maybe it's like pecan upside-down cake, or they get mixed in the batter/sauce separately, spread on the bottom of the pan, then the non-pecan batter/sauce is poured ontop :confused:

17-11-03, 00:47
They will always rise to the top.

17-11-03, 00:51
Wierd... Really? I'll never get the hang of this cookery thing http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

John Falstaff
17-11-03, 01:01
Porky Pies, Porky Pies!



17-11-03, 01:01
Yep, the nuts will always rise to the top. Aaaaand you can take that anyway you want to. hehe

17-11-03, 09:00
well not when my mom bake pecan pie we always
lot of pecan in the where almost to bottom
sorry .thanks i didn't rise when you bake them in pies.