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17-09-11, 12:41
So, exactly a week to go before we can pick up the keys to our new home, and in truth I've not been this excited for years!

It's been nearly six months since we - a group of five of us, my unofficial second family :hug: - proposed to work together to afford a house of our own. With mortgages demanding such big deposits, this was the only way any of us was ever going to escape the rental-trap or intruding upon our relatives' space.

By some miracle, we've managed to get a mortgage approved, finalised and now all we're waiting for is a phonecall next week to say the keys are ready. We've been packed for about a month, putting up with delays and shifting deadlines, but it's finally happening!!!!! :jmp: :yah: :jmp:

So, what have your house-moving experiences been like? We're only moving a few miles away, but have you ever had to move to another country, even continent? How have you coped with the move itself? Did anything wonderful or disastrous happen?

Share! :)

17-09-11, 13:17
I've moved six times. Greatest distance was just under two hundred miles, smallest was literally a few hundred yards. Every move was completely uneventful, if anything, they were a hassle because I'd have to pack/unpack my stuff each time :rolleyes:

Zelda master
17-09-11, 13:20
I hate it... I've moved 5 time in 7 years, I hated it and the worst part... Were still living in the same city, even more hilarious is that the last move was two streets away, and a three minute walk :')

Dennis's Mom
17-09-11, 13:53
I've bought seven houses in three states. Moving to AK was basically an ex-pat move. We didn't get the bulk of our belongings for a month.

I think cross-town moves are the worse because you underplan. You think, "oh, it's close, we don't need that many boxes. We'll just unpack and use the same ones."

I recommend treating it like you can't "come back" and do as thorough a job packing and moving as if you were moving to another state. It's more work up front, but involves less frustration and arguing.

17-09-11, 14:14
I have actually never moved house... but in a couple of years I will. Not entirely sure what to think.

17-09-11, 14:15
I've moved all around the south of the US. It's hard because once you moved in and get settled and move again, you have to do it all over again.

Now, that I'm right in the middle of high school, I plan on not moving for a long while. :p

17-09-11, 14:35
Everything I own can fit into my car. And that is not likely to change any time soon.

lara c. fan
17-09-11, 16:13
I've moved around 7 times. Hated it each time, mostly because the moves never seem to go well. :p

17-09-11, 16:41
I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, seeing as I only moved house once when I was a kid. But I was really attached to that old house, as you'd expect a kid to be, and the move was pretty nasty. Because our movers weren't really all that excited to help us out, our stuff ended up being piled in the new apartment at around 3AM or so. We were all practically swimming in boxes for days after that.

Poke Warrior
17-09-11, 16:44
I have only moved twice in my life and both with all my family (Well kinda). The first move was fine since I had all my family but I hated the second move (Which happen this year) Due to us moving for my childhood home where all my memories of my Mom was :( (She died in 2008). But atleast my family are still thogether until Xmas :(

ultima espio
17-09-11, 16:47
I moved into this house when I was 2 years old. I've grown up here, so if I moved now it would be incredibly sad.

I keep having dreams about moving into another house. It's strange because I'm usually standing outside looking at strangers sitting in my living room:o

I don't like the thought of someone else living in my House. nonono.

17-09-11, 17:07
It's been nearly six months since we - a group of five of us, my unofficial second family :hug: - proposed to work together to afford a house of our own. With mortgages demanding such big deposits, this was the only way any of us was ever going to escape the rental-trap or intruding upon our relatives' space.

That was a great idea. Why am I so damn anti-social, I should do something like that. :mad:

Anyways congrats. http://i34.************/x25w.jpg

sierra xb
17-09-11, 17:32
I think I have moved too many times for my own good, so lets see...

1. moved for out of town summer jobs during and right after high school 3 times (that is moving out AND back)
2. also after high school I moved into 2 different apartments in less than 3 months (same complex though)
3. moved to San Francisco for almost a year
4. moved to Lake Tahoe, CA, 2 different houses there
5. back to southern California, one house and two more apartments
6. to Reno, Nevada for university, an apartment and one house there
7. moved back to California last summer

my feelings about moving...? I HATE MOVING!!!! :hea: That is at least 14 times that I have moved, with as little as 2-3 months between moves sometimes. I learned to not unpack everything because i figured there was no point. Shortest move was across the same complex, longest was a little over 400 miles and into another state.

17-09-11, 18:46
I've moved only three times in my life:

1 - When I was 2-3 years old we moved into a bigger house. Obviously because I was so young I don't remember!

2 - When I was 9 years old (6 years ago) we moved from that house into a bigger house with three floors. This was the biggest move because this house was 25-30 minutes away (via car) not only that...It's in a village, near the countryside. So that was a massive paradigm shift, for better and worse: better, you can walk to the shops etc. worse, there's not many shops.

3 - We moved into an even bigger house to accommodate my grandma who couldn't look after herself and a spare room...The house...Is right next door to the previous one, well kinda this house is behind that house. It's really nice where we live now, it's in a cul-de-sac like you see on those American tv shows, where there's the neighbourhood in the suburbs. Although my parents are wasting money, because it is a big house and it's just me and my mum and dad, my grandma's dead and my sister is away in Albania...Still out of all them, this is probably my favourite house, so many memories. We moved here 4 years ago...Gah time flies!

17-09-11, 19:05
I've moved three times. Once when I was a baby, so I don't remember. Another time when I was about 10, and again two years ago. The time I moved two years ago was a HUGE ordeal though :pi:

We found this moving company online, and they were really expensive. But my mom called them, and they told my mother they'd give her some sort of a deal, because we didn't have that much stuff to move. So they get here. We load up the truck and everything. Then when we get to the location of our new house, the say that they never made a deal with my mom, and that if she doesn't pay the full price (which was like $1300), they wouldn't unload the truck and they'd keep our stuff. So, long story short, one of my uncle's came and there was a big argument. But thankfully my uncle looks really big and intimidating, so they eventually did it and we didn't even have to pay them because they were too afraid we'd call the cops. (Which we did anyways... because we didn't want them to do that to anyone else.)

17-09-11, 19:27
I love and hate it. I hate moving all the stuff, but I love putting everything in place in the new home.

I've moved five times in my life. Three times in my home town, once from town to town and once away from my home country.

17-09-11, 19:29
We have never moved house...

I live in my current home since I was born.

17-09-11, 19:31
Lots of stuff can get lost, so make sure you have everything packed! It's more bound to happen if you move a lot too. =\

Other than that, it's been nice going into a 'new' house (My family always rented). It was like a fresh start, new rooms, more/less space, sometimes new furniture/appliances. It's been all good.

17-09-11, 23:26
I worked out that by the time I was 18 years old, I'd moved house 17 times. Some back into the same house, and one of those houses was for 7 years. I learned to live out of a suitcase - yay for divorced parents (that didn't happen until my early teens). Since then, I have moved a further 4 or 5 times.
I like moving house, but I hate having to move. One thing I've always found useful is when you pack things up, you go through all of your crap and throw stuff out that you haven't used since it came into your possession.
My favourite move was when my Dad and me were living in a fourth floor unit/apartment/flat (whatever it's called where you are) and we had this horrible steel-framed futon fold out couch that weighed a ton. Instead of lugging it back down the stairs which were very tight, we used his rock-climbing gear to lower a bunch of furniture over the balcony.
Another memorable...memory... was trying to get my grumpy-arse cat to the other house. He WOULD NOT get into a cage, so I ended up having to hold him down in the back of our van while someone closed us in. It had a carpet floor and his legs were at ^ this angle the whole trip, claws out. He didn't move the whole way.
We've rented vans and trucks of various sizes, but have never hired a removal company.
I'm certainly not the type of person that gets attached to living in one spot. I can handle having to uproot.

17-09-11, 23:30
I have only moved once and that was when I was 6. I am going to be moving again very soon, though.

Don't know how it'll affect me yet. I mean, it is my home after all. You get attached to homes.

Gracious Days
17-09-11, 23:31
I've moved a bunch throughout my life. Most of started really early after my parents divorced when I was 3. My mother, brother and I moved into 2 separate relatives' houses in a short span of time that year.

Then we were able to get out into our own place in an apartment complex, and then I ended up moving again to another apartment in that same complex later on. After 9/11 my mom and stepdad were laid off so we had to move back in with a relative. Then we moved once more, and finally came to where we live today about a year and a half ago.

Looking back, moving as much as I did does suck, but since I was a little kid for most of it, it wasn't too strenuous I guess, and I didn't have to change schools all that much. This last move though, geez, so. much. heavy. wooden. furniture. :hea: :p It feels great to finally get settled into your new place, though, I hope things go well for you! :D

17-09-11, 23:38
I've made a few moves in my life. Nothing really stands out as being memorable about any of them with the exception of getting my very own place for the first time. That is the exciting move, everything else is just a hassle.