View Full Version : Max Payne 2 Demo Out.

18-11-03, 15:53
[sorrie if this has been posted b4]
just played it and it's brilliant! sadly the games not shipper here yet...
here's a link to download it:

18-11-03, 17:17
I have the game, TR Dan, & I'd probably only rate it 5/10, but then, kill, kill, kill is really not what I'm looking for in a game.

18-11-03, 19:29
I'm with you Tazmine. I like a bit of intelligence in a game too. I may get Max Payne 2 when the price comes down and I can get it in a bargain bin. I hear that it's very short.

18-11-03, 22:27
Just played (and finished) the demo. IT ROCKS!!!!! This game is awesome, but i will wait for it to drop down in price because i heard it was pretty short. Maybe i'll get it for christmas, but i'm not sure....