View Full Version : TX29 download...& John

19-11-03, 00:31
So, if the TX29 download messed up John's computer, should we stay away from it?

19-11-03, 00:48
I downloaded it with no problems, it's safe.

19-11-03, 01:05
Doesn't sound good that, i hope my anim had nothin to do with it tho. They are always virus checked before uploaded. These animations do have a fairly high bit rate that the usual ones i post, but i don't think that would do anything wrong. Glad it's back to normal tho John.
I don't see as theres anythin i can do, i compiled the anim' the same as usual. Appologies if it was anything due to the anim, if anyone else has probs let me know thx, and i'll take the anim down.

19-11-03, 01:10
Jus' downloaded & ran fine. Nice work Gav, you have incredible talent. ;)

John Falstaff
19-11-03, 01:22
Hi all,

It may be that there is no causal link at all. The events may only be connected in time!

Once told what to do it was easy enough to correct, although worrying at the time.


19-11-03, 03:28
Don't worry Gav, there is nothing wrong with it.

19-11-03, 04:55
Originally posted by Annacia:
Don't worry Gav, there is nothing wrong with it.That's fer sure. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

19-11-03, 10:57
My download works fine too. No probs here.