View Full Version : TOM vs TR4 files

19-11-03, 04:19
I've posted this on Tech support & TRLE forums, but things are pretty quiet there tonight.
Can anyone here tell me how I know if a file I want to download for TRLE is a TOM or TR4 file? I only want the Tr4 files.

19-11-03, 04:23
Sorry Taz. I don't know. :(

19-11-03, 04:27
That's ok, Annacia. I'll probably have an answer by tomorrow from one of the other forums anyway.

I guess the TR4 files are a lot easier to manage once you download them, so I want to stick with them. I downloaded a TOM file tonight, & what a mess!!! The annoying thing is I'm on dialup, so it took over 2 hours to download. Oh well, I'm still new at this.