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10-11-04, 23:21

By Joal Ryan

Britney Spears would do anything for love. But, to paraphrase Meat Loaf, she won't do Chucky.

The sexually suggestive pop tart reportedly has demanded producers make it perfectly clear that she has nothing to do with the demonic doll or his new movie, Seed of Chucky.

In apparent response, TV commercials advertising the film--and featuring a Spears look-alike meeting an explosive demise--now feature the disclaimer: "Britney Spears does not appear in this movie."

Seed of Chucky, the fifth movie in the Child's Play horror/comedy saga, opens Friday.

Focus Features, the Universal spawn and parent company of Chucky employers Rogue Pictures, did not respond to questions about Spears' role, if any, in the Spears disclaimer. In a tongue-in-cheek statement, a spokesperson said the studio's intent was to declare that "no actual Britney Spears were harmed during the filming."

"We can confirm Chucky does in fact have a crush on Britney--and she has an open invitation to screen the film at anytime," the rep said.

It seems unlikely Spears will take Chucky up on his offer. The singer has been at odds with the plaything for months.

Originally, the movie featured Chucky getting some action-doll action with Bride of Chucky flame Tiffany while Spears' signature hit, "...Baby One More Time," serenaded the plastic lovers in the background. Through her lawyers, the Chicago Sun-Times said, Spears objected to the product placement, and the song was removed from the film.

In September, the New York Post reported that producers intended to poke fun at the legal hassle--and Spears herself--in trailers for Seed of Chucky.

But in a recent People, Seed of Chucky writer-director Don Mancini made it sound as though the resulting Spears disclaimer was the result of something more than fun and games.

"It was getting a little contentious between her camp and our camp," Mancini told the magazine.

Spears' publicist did not respond to a request for comment, so we may never know what the entertainer thinks of: (a) the disclaimer; (b) the scene where Chucky drives a beret-wearing blonde in a car with a "BRITNEY1" license plate over a cliff; and (c) fiery-crash-observer John Waters giving thanks for "the little people."

In a new post on her official Website, Spears avoided the topic of Chucky entirely. Instead, she noted she was back from her "breathtaking" honeymoon, taking art lessons, reading magazines and redecorating her new house.

In other news, Spears announced that her pet dog Lacy "just got fixed."

Chucky better watch out.

11-11-04, 08:55
What are you talking about. That was like her 4th husband and now she is declining that like the affair with the other chucky-Fred.
What her two man have in common?-Short and fugly *rotflmao*


14-11-04, 11:14
can't wait to see chucky 5 seed of chucky
I have the bride of chucky doll and shirt I all I need now
is tiffany chucky bride.