View Full Version : Elen: an error

23-11-03, 23:57

An error has occured:

I was unable to unlink NonCGIPath/Forum9/forum_9.threads: No such file or directory at CGIPath/ubb_lib_files.cgi line 63.

Please inform the board administration of this error so that they may fix the problem. Thank you!

Is this linked to my ongoing browser problems? I keep getting 'thrown out' of various pages? :(

24-11-03, 00:12
Thanks for that Tippu. Neil also sent me a mail about the same error and I have already informed tlr.

Has anybody else got the same error??

24-11-03, 00:17
Not yet, but I'll tell you immediately if I do

24-11-03, 00:18
This has happened to me a few times but like tippucat I thought it was the fault of my browser. It always works the second time around.