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tlr online
26-11-03, 00:14
Fire activity in Africa south of the Sahara Desert migrates across the continent with the seasons. In the Sahel and savannas just south of the Sahara, the agricultural burning season begins in fall and progresses toward a peak of activity in mid-winter. In this image of western Africa, fires (marked in red) have been detected across several West African nations: (clockwise from right center) Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, and the Gambia. At top is Mauritania. Wind carries a thin veil of smoke to the west, blurring the landscape underneath. This true-color image was captured by the Aqua MODIS instrument on November 14, 2003.


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John Falstaff
26-11-03, 00:39
Hi tlr online!


Are you sure about the cause of the fires. In West Africa there are, basically, two seasons - wet and dry. Depending on where you are the rainy, and hence agricultural, season will not have been too long over.

With shifting cultivation in the area people burn at the end of the dry season before the regular rains start, c. late March, April - and in drier places early May while there is still a moisture deficit in the soil. Farms will not have been prepared for burning now, let alone fired!