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09-01-04, 01:51
A Germany bus driver knew he was in trouble when he noticed he was being overtaken by his own back wheel.The man, aged 39, was driving along a small, winding road near Neupetershain. As he looked outside, he saw one of the twin set of left rear wheels of the bus overtaking him. And just seconds later, the other wheel passed him by, Tagesspiegel newspaper reports. With no left back wheels left, the bus soon overturned - but, luckily, it wasn't carrying any passengers and the driver escaped unharmed.

Experts say the driver's life was probably saved by the fact he was following a little-used detour, and going only about 20mph. The owner of the bus says it is regularly checked and maintained and they are still investigating how the wheels came to fall off.

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I'm trying very hard not to laugh right now... :D

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It is funny. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif