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31-08-16, 05:24
Hi everyone,

I wanted to learn your opinion on self-help books. Do you think that they are needed, or is everything available online these days?

I personally found some books very helpful, but others not so much. So, for me it depends on the book I guess.

31-08-16, 05:53
"How to win friends and influence people" is always good.

31-08-16, 05:53
Waste of money

31-08-16, 09:05
I'm quite skeptical of them, because there are a lot of bull**** books out there written by people with no credentials to speak of, sometimes making people worse off than before their book was read. Being written in a preachy or holier-than-thou tone seems to be a common issue with them as well.

However, I also know not everyone is the same, and what doesn't work for one person may work for another, so I can't dismiss every person's experience with these books.

Basically, I think if you're going to read one, look into the author's credentials and think critically about what you're reading while you're reading it.

01-09-16, 04:14
There's countless self help books in bookstores. So many of em I can never decide which to get since a lot of them point out the same thing. So getting a specific book would be a matter of personal choice. I say reading online ones for free is a better option.

01-09-16, 04:18
I'm better with my psychiatric, thanks. Nice try, books... nice try...

Aeon Flux
01-09-16, 05:57
I need help reading them

01-09-16, 17:43
I need help reading them

Hhahaha. :D