View Full Version : Feeling sick? Get well soon!!! :)

22-09-16, 13:02
Just want to give any fellow raiders a small bit of cheer and support who are feeling just down right icky.

I was away visiting my boyfriend in Wales to attend his uncle's wedding and what was supposed to be a good week turned out terrible! We both caught food poisoning shortly after the wedding, and I have never gotten so sick and rotten so quick in my life! Blegh!

Anywho's, I flew back home yesterday and I'm feeling gradually better :) I just wanted to give anyone else whose feeling a bit unwell a good hug and a get well soon ^_^:princess:

22-09-16, 13:40
While this is very kind of you it does not really warrant a thread of his own.
We have these two threads where your post might be more suited: