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27-10-16, 10:35
Happy 20th Lara! :( I'm kind of sad, time goes by so fast in retrospect. But there's much to celebrate and look back on!

I'd thought it'd be a nice way to remember the past 20 years by sharing some of our fondest memories:

For me
- Finally purchasing TR on PSX after renting it a zillion times from Blockbuster. I bought it at the market close to my house! I remember I first played it at the market; they let you preview games. Friendly shopkeeper. Wonder where he is now... would like to say thanks!

- Watching the first film in theatres - was so exciting being a teen and going with my friends (who didn't play). They wanted to after though!

- Waiting for Legend to come out - this was when social media and the web got bigger. I remember Googling it everyday looking for new screenshots!

And more importantly... You guys!!!

Tomb Raider Forums & Tomb Raider Chronicles & Tomb Raider HUB!!

Thank you so much for everything. ELLE, tlronline, EscondeR, Titak & everyone else I've forgotten (which will be a lot). Thanks to all the mods & admins.

Most of all, Thank you Lara!

27-10-16, 17:40
Playing TR:II on the PS1 my mother rented from Blockbuster.

27-10-16, 20:04
Winston's face peeking out of the freezer after locking him in

Oh Yes I remember Legend's launch. I was really young, but I went onto the website everyday... nostalgia. I also remember begging my parents to get it for me but it was so expensive XD

27-10-16, 20:19
Playing TR2 for the first time. And then beating said game about a year later.
Being plopped in the waters of the magnificent coast at Coastal Village in TR3 for the first time.
Playing through the Louvre Galleries and the Biodome in Angel of Darkness.
Seeing Legend's ending cutscene.
Parachuting through the forests of Yamatai and climbing the radio tower in TR2013.

27-10-16, 21:06
I'll never forget the first time I played the TR2 Great Wall demo. It was on my parents' computer on a demo disc that came with a lot of different things on it. Naturally I liked the bad-ass looking heroine on the disc art so I wanted to try it! The rest is history as they say. I've been a fan ever since. Great Wall will always be such a fond memory for me.

And again, the first TR film as you mentioned in the OP. I remember seeing it with my mother (none of my friends gave a crap about TR sadly haha). I became a fan of Angelina Jolie afterwards and looked up all her movies so I could watch them. I really like her although I never sought out info on her personal life too much. Just that she's adopted and takes part in charity work which is very admirable. The good stuff. :)

There are other memories but most are with the classic games. I had some good ones with Legend too, but it was a turning point for me. I'm not as big a fan of CD's games, but they're good taken for what they are. :)

27-10-16, 23:29
The time i first got into Tomb Raider.

I was at my best friends house and he showed me a new game he bought called Tomb Raider: Legend. We played it and i fell in love and then from there i played the classics and it all went from there :D

28-10-16, 01:19
Back in 2000 (16 years ago now), our house had a backyard which included a sandbox, swingset+slide, two trees, and a shed with lots of tools and stuff behind it.

Having played Tomb Raider for several years before that, I introduced my sister to the games, and she loved them as much as I did. So we decided we should make our own little obstacle course like Lara had in her Home.

I remember setting up little "artifacts" and "keys" and "switches" for us to encounter through our backyard adventures, and we'd go around solving puzzles and finding stuff like Lara would. She'd be Lara, I'd be a male version of Lara (this was years before Uncharted).

I remember having so much fun playing Tomb Raider in real life. We even came up with ancient history and tomb raider trivia to answer sometimes.

I wish I had pictures or video.

Daring Do
28-10-16, 01:46
Falling in love with the series by playing TR2013 almost non stop for about a week.

Building box forts and making forklift jokes with my friend in TR Legend.

28-10-16, 15:48
Playing and falling in love with core lara. Also playing TR's 1 through 6 and the core expansions.

28-10-16, 21:44
Getting stuck on Temple Ruins For a Month :3