View Full Version : Let's be honest.

New Dwight
18-11-16, 02:03
Okay guys, I gotta ask this, because its killing me softly every minute right now,
Who's glad I've returned to TRF? Let's just all be honest here; so I can know the true feelings you all (who know me) feel about my return, and if my return has been such a HUGE burden or not. I need to know this.

*Mods: This is NOT like the other thread of mine.

18-11-16, 02:15
Why do you need to know this? Do you really care what others think about you?

Mr GaGa
18-11-16, 02:17
No offense but.. I never seen you on here till today :p:confused:

18-11-16, 02:21
I'm going to close this, at least until I've spoken with the other moderators. I don't really think it's a good idea.