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01-01-17, 16:46
We haven't a thread like this in a while, so I'll start a new one:

What would be in your perfect Tomb Raider Game or what is your perfect Tomb Raider Experience Gameplaywise but also Lara-wise and Storywise?

For me, it would be something like this:

I'm a classic Fan, which means that do like the sassy,classy and sexy Lara.
I don't care if she's oversexualized. I would play a Tomb Raider Game that has this ugly TRIV FMV Lara Model(Not Teen Lara though, this is pure evil), as long as she has this attitude. AoD Lara (remastered with super Hi polycount or not) would be the perfect appereance.
She should have this dark humour and may be an anti-hero, but will help her companions (like Kurtis for example) nonetheless, because she trusts them.
I can't stand this "Realism > Fictional" TReboot wants. It makes her character boring (oh no, her parents are dead, like every plain vanilla hero)
Wouldn't it be interesting to see Lara's parents alive after the incidents of AoD? Maybe we would have seen a much more emotional Lara, because she lost a friend (Werner von Croy).

As for the gameplay, I think Anniversary comes very close to what I would label as a good Tomb Raider Experience. I mean, Anniversary itself executed it quite poorly, but the attempt was nice. Remove the long hallways, reduce the ledge hopping and add some more maze-like rooms with puzzles and you have the perfect Experience. I don't dislike the fast pace of the Reboot completely (Michael Bay Cutscenes around every corner). Some of them should be implemented too. But keep the ruins intact and don't blow them up like in Rise. QTEs shouldn't be in the game at all, but this "Action"-Cutscene like we had it in Legend (Bolivia: the Bridge to the Stone podium, Ghana: The Boulder) but more polished. You know like in TR3 Temple Ruins where you pull the lever and the spike wall starts to move. You have to run down the corridor, pickup the key and turn around to get the door just in time with this awesome music.
Oh right, the music:
I really prefer non-epic soundtracks like we had it in the classics. An Ambient Track with whistling wind or even a heartbeat adds to the atmosphere. I liked the feel of loneliness and isolation in these games. And suddenly you see a boulder with this loud music track and you almost die because of the shock.
Man those were great times when nothing was predictable.
I mean, who the hell expects a T-Rex?

Storywise I would like to see something similar to TRIV. No I don't want Lara to unleash some evil gods, but to have a similar Story Progression:
The Presence (or the foreshadowing of it) of Set has a major impact on the environment. For example in Karnak, everything is fine, but as soon as Set had the chance to possess someone (Von Croy), the table turned. Big mutated Beetles appear, Big Scorpions appear, even the Citadel is guarded by some ass-huge mutant. The Environment looks poisoned, and even later the sky looks bloodred and thunder strike all the time.

It would be fun to see that Lara is at first no enemy for the antagonist (The Artifacts are stolen in front of Lara's eyes, she's trapped by the antagonists etc.).At a certain point (preferably before the end) Lara loses her hope to defeat the antagonist and the world seems doomed. But thanks to one of her comrades, she won't give up. resulting in the defeat of the antagonists (I should watch fewer animes though).

The game may be open world like TReboot and RotR, but more like TRIV.
You have "one" open world for every location in the game. In TRIV it would be Karnak, Alexandria, Cairo and Giza.
Imagin Open World with a jungle-Area or a Desert Area. Maybe combine it with TR3 and you can select the Order of the Location.

As for combat, I prefer automatic targeting. I prefer run and gun than stealth, it suits (my) Lara much more.

01-01-17, 16:55
Mostly like you, but without the "don't give up Lara" part.

Gameplay, as long as it has:
1) Fixed jump distances and manual grab (like Core games, I mean)
2) RotTR combat

is fine.

Also, everything that looks grabable, should be grabable. And no white ledges.
Add an optional SI for dummies.

01-01-17, 17:00
The LAU trilogy is my favourite style of TR gameplay, and as you said Anniversary in particular is pretty much what I'd consider the ideal gameplay. That blend of action and puzzles in the 3rd-person, with some aspects not taking themselves too seriously (dual pistols and crazy gods or demi-gods or whatever), that's what I love. And as much as I may like the reboot Lara, I think the ideal Tomb Raider game has her at the slightly more matured/experienced age of the previous games.

As far as music goes I'm quite happy to see it change and evolve with each game, while still paying the odd homage to the classics. The developing theme you get in RotTR when doing a challenge tomb has to be my favourite of the soundtrack, but I could also listen to tracks like TRA's Croft Manor on an endless loop while working.

All that said, I think that games have to change and grow over time, to keep things fresh. I'm sure many will disagree with me, but playing TR1-TR5 in a row, by the fifth game I was getting tired of the same mechanics and level style with the odd additions each game.

01-01-17, 17:29
Well, my perfect Tomb Raider experience would start by completely abandoning all relation to the cups, toys and t-shirts:


Systems/ Mechanics: I would at this point in time prefer a mix of the systems from TR3. However, these systems should be playing the sounds from TR2. I would like to choose the order of the locations like TR3. Dual pistols. Shotgun. Magnums. Uzis. TR3 Rocket Launcher. Harpoon Gun. Save Anywhere! Graphics meeting today's standards, or better. Keys. Doors. Levers. Floor flames! Wall-mounted Blades! Rolling Balls! Spike Ceiling and Spike Walls! Buttons! Only a couple timed tasks. And about 2 or 3 vehicles. Inanimate Spikes! New mechanic: the deleted crawlspace roll from TR3! Animations feature most subtle fluidity and nuances thanks to more move-points on the models/ skeletons. The original animations are of course left the same, as the basis for any added rotations and translations. Maybe TR2 inventory. I'd like intro and outro music like TR3 but during the level should be mostly diegetic sounds. This allows the music to feel more magical and poignant. Preferably more human enemies.

Balance: I want TR2-amounts of combat. Lots of Key + Door tasks. Lots of floor spikes TR1-style. I want TR2-like chunks or sections of gameplay. Basically, an onslaught of gameplay. However, these "batches" are separated in spaces somewhat like TR4. Basically a non-linear, exploration-based buffet. Vehicles can be used to cover distances between "tombs" or "levels" or "chunks". Potentially one location featuring the boat vehicle is all water-based, with separate islands to travel between, collecting key items and killing things! Stealth-crouching setups like TR3.

Subject Matter: I wouldn't want the game to be any direct sequel or have direct relation to the other titles. So, a stand-alone plot. Something with more sci-fi-type imagery and backstory, like TR1 + TR3. Preferably somewhere around the TR2 or TR3 timeline, with regards to the sound of Lara's voice and her behavior. She should visit a lot of diverse locations like TR2, with similar-types of settings. I'd love an alien-related backstory with an artifact to match. Perhaps the antagonists are more cult-related like AOD. Lara should use a boat at some point as well as a quad or a jeep-type of vehicle. Just, something with four wheels please. The visual style remains true to the original games FMV sequences. Somewhat, varying realistic textural details and materials. Stylized proportions. Basically what they seem to have done with Crash in the remaster. Finish the game with an out-of-this-world location. Really eerie creatures or beings. Lots of action and lama drama The fire should look like the TR2 fire, but with today's graphical quality and refinement. No characters from Lara's past or personal life please and thank you. The island location needs BRIDGES that are LONG like some of the bridges in South Pacific and Lost Valley. Only one hidden dinosaur. Put these cult bitches in dark cloaks with hoods, why not???

tbh my game is gonna be sick.

01-01-17, 17:42
- Fixed jump distance.
- Manual grab.
- Remove the damn "optional tomb nearby" prompt/sound effect, remove the endless "press X to shoot" and create ONE level to work as a full tutorial, remove the glowing traps/trees, remove the white paint everywhere. Keep the Survival Instinct OPTIONAL and it will be enough to help newbies.
- Less combat arenas, more encounters with random animals/creatures.
- More traps, and without the stupid slow motion. Also, more variety in traps. Spikes, boulders, axes, crumbling floors, etc.
- Keep the hub system, but with more verticality and intricacies to cross, not just an open field.
- More mandatory puzzles in the main game.
- Keep the documents, but keep them more sparsed throughout the game. I loved Blood Ties, but one thing that annoyed me was the fact that every step Lara found a document. (I know they are optional, but I enjoy reading them and I don't like the flow of the gameplay to be affected by it.)
- Keep the setpieces and scripted gameplay events, but make them more subtle and quiet. (Summit Forest in TR2013 is a great example)

- No parents involved.
- No secret evil organisation who tries to ruin Lara's day.
- An antagonist as a companion (i.e. Pierre in TR1), but with complex motivations and more interaction with Lara during the course of the game.

Atmosphere / theme of the game:
- A more subtle and minimalistc soundtrack that only appears in plot points or specific moments (when a trap is activated, when some random enemy appears, when you find a new puzzle).
- Background ambiance (heartbeats, wind, forest sounds, drones).
- More saturated colors.
- More wildlife variety.
- More underground tombs.

- Lara with a backpack.
- Lara with dual pistols.

01-01-17, 20:05
a polished/updated/completed AOD

01-01-17, 20:40
My perfect TR game would definitely have TRAOD Lara. She's sassy, bitchy, and definitely the darkest and most mysterious yet beautiful looking.
Honestly, TRC is my favourite classic, so I'd love to have a full game like it. Of course, its main advantage are the many short stories, but what I mean is a full game (like the other remaining classics), just with that "TRC vibe" - with all those cutscenes with bitchy Lara. All that with modern graphics, of course.
I'd love to have levels like the Louvre Museum, I think I love these kind of levels more (like VCI), despite the game being called "TOMB RAIDER".
AOD soundtrack is, imo, the best one of all the games. I'd love to have a new original soundtrack yet with the same style of Peter Connelly.

I really like the classics gameplay - even though I don't mind having a better movement like the lau trilogy or even the reboots. I'm sure I'd love the AOD style movement if it was done in time: movement like the classics yet without the tank controls.

Anyways, that's a lot of dreaming :rolleyes:

01-01-17, 20:43
My perfect game would be a core full based game of 1 through AOD.

01-01-17, 20:56

No more "stranded on an island/mountain, cut off from friends, surrounded by an enemy organization" story. I want her to go on an adventure on her own (to avoid putting friends to risk and having to save them later), if not, I want them to be geared and prepared to fight too. I do not want any side quests as I think they were pretty pointless in rottr - they did not change the story anyway and combined with the open world, it felt like I am playing skyrim. I do not want them to add unecessary characters that have nothing to do with the story cause IMO tomb raiders were never story based games (I am looking at you, TR 2013). An interesting sidekick and a good antagonist would be cool though. Those characters and side missions were pretty pointless and it felt like they added them only because they tried to please too many people.


- Diverse locations - Rottr was on a good track with that. I also want a little bit less underground levels. Each location could be centered around one style/ theme of gameplay, for example:
-I want more mandatory tombs/ puzzle rooms - atleast one complex level like the Opera House or st. Francis Folly.
- An underwater level and maybe even riding a vehicle instead of a cutscene (like the one in Syria).
- An urban area - in the style of Parisian Ghetto/ The Louvre (which reminds me that I want an area like this - involving infiltration strategy cause they already have good mechanics for that (stealth kills etc.).


-no more "becoming a hero story" she should be a tomb raider already
-a little bit of fun (jokes, puns, idk.), but that does not mean she cannot lose her temper at some point cause she is not emotionless, just stop whining and crying all the time (maybe change the voice acting - camilla always makes Lara sound worried and tense, while a VA like Jonell was able to make her sound more cool and dangerous without shouting too much, but this is a long topic of its own)
- I appreciate the fact that they decided to keep her vast knowledge of history, cause she knows somethinga about everything she finds


- Less people to shoot at - less dumb/ easy to defeat opponents and add some opponents that are dangerous, smart, without turning the situation into a QTE. The ones in rottr that could burn Lara were an improvement though (you know, they were walking around with this thing that produced fire, idk how it is called).
- the animals in the reboot series were fine, keep them
- some immortal opponents or mythical creatures that do not fight like ordinary mercenaries
- keep the mechanics from the reboot series - like the rope arrows and stuff
- boss fights
- less random breaking of ledges and falling from cliffs where she has to quickly run forward (unless the floor beneath her is getting bombed down by opponents and stuff)

Daring Do
01-01-17, 21:16
Rise of the Tomb Raider but with more lighthearted moments and longer puzzles.

01-01-17, 21:44
My perfect Tomb Raider game would be Tomb Raider II. Just make that again. I'd buy it. In fact, I've bought it five times already (literally, and all on different platforms).

But if you want me to break it down:

Lara doesn't need a character, motivation, goal or arc. There's literally nothing wrong with her going into things just for the hell of it, and the only payoff being evil averted once more. It works for James Bond, so it can definitely work here.

If it does have to have a story for Lara, for the love of your favorite deity, please don't make it about parents. I've seen way too much fiction with way too many parental issues in the past ten years. It's just not that interesting an idea.

If it does have to be about parents, could you at least try to shake it up a little? For example, have the mom as the big adventurer whose legacy Lara wants to live up to. This isn't about feminism (though I don't think that hurts either), it's about me being bored out of my skull seeing stories of fictional absentee fathers.

Gameplay mechanics… look, the modern stuff that they stole directly from Prince of Persia certainly has its advantages. It's easy, slick, looks good and doesn't get in the way. But it also turned movement from something that was fun in its own right into something you just do. Ledge hopping is boring. Bring back the part where the game is a parkour simulator. If that means grid and tank controls… Frankly I don't see anything wrong with that. I know, I know, it's dead and gone and I should just accept that. But you asked for my personal perfect game, didn't you? True perfection, of course, would be having a free parkour simulator that combines the different approaches; some sort of third person Mirror's Edge.

What I can do without are QTEs and the majority of scripted events. Basically, I want to be in full control of all times. Don't randomly change the game I'm playing, and don't degrade me to a mindless button pusher with no meaningful choices. If I wanted to play Guitar Hero, I'd do so.

No unskippable cutscenes. Ideally very few to no cutscenes at all. Tomb Raider doesn't need a story to be great. In fact, the games have all had horrible stories, and been great without them. Also, don't do that thing where there's a button prompt to skip the scene but it doesn't actually skip. The moment I press skip, the scene should stop playing. And if that means seeing a loading screen that the cutscenes was supposed to hide, I'll deal with that myself, thank you very much. Most importantly, never introduce a TRex with a cutscene. Big dinosaurs work because they're unexpected and big. Anything that tries to build up anticipation decreases surprise and leads to less piss in pants.

Also, free save everywhere. I know that the limitations of consoles have taught millions of gamers the lie that limited saving is somehow more noble, but everyone who thinks that is wrong. On a PC, the one and only true way to play games, TombRaiderPerfect.exe is just another application like any other, and if any other application doesn't let me save, it's broken. Challenge must come from mastering the game systems, not by randomly making me replay annoying sections over and over again.

For the levels: Big caves, lost valleys, maybe a renaissance city or two, ancient ruins, the works. I mean, it's not like this is hard. Core got it right five times out of six, and even AoD had the right ideas, just executed badly.

Boss fights should be simply big fights, not puzzles. I want to have options and pick my best approach, not try to figure out what special trick the level designers thought of. If there is a special move that is hard to pull off, and you can reach a boss fight without ever having learned it, it should be possible to finish the boss fight without it (even if it's more annoying that way). In case I'm too vague here, I'm talking about Anniversary and how it completely messed up the T-Rex first and then the centaur fight. I wouldn't bring it up, but the number of people who cite Anniversary as a good example for… anything really scares me.

01-01-17, 22:10
An hybrid of TR2(Level design) AOD(Game story Lara's attitude and ) and ROTTR (Lara and gameplay) my 3 fav TR games in one :jugoflove:

04-01-17, 00:26
Me me me me me!
I had opened a similar thread some months ago and I collected many opinions about, but only from classic fans.
Check here the main aspects that were been listed from many users (shortly resumed in the first post):

I think they are pretty much valid and respect my view too. The main list are the topics on which it was better to talk a bit more about.

04-01-17, 00:49
No mongoloid sexualization.

04-01-17, 01:10
^ When has that ever been in the TR series...? :confused: :vlol:

04-01-17, 19:22
It already happened.


05-01-17, 22:42
Why do some people like legend so much? :confused: The reason why I don't like crystal dynamics me being bad at those games is the main reason plus the graphics are phony and the plots were lame. And there's nothing i can do about being bad at the controls. Why did they have to add bike levels in the CD games? That ruins it for me.

06-01-17, 00:00
It already happened.


Legend is your favorite TR game? So cool to see people showing love for this game. :hug:

Nigel Cassidy
06-01-17, 00:05
Legend is your favorite TR game? So cool to see people showing love for this game. :hug:

Then I'll show you some more :D

Daring Do
06-01-17, 00:13
Count me in for loving Legend! :admles: :D

06-01-17, 00:23
Then I'll show you some more :D

Count me in for loving Legend! :admles: :D


08-01-17, 13:05
a polished/updated/completed AOD


But also:

- let the villains win. (for one time)
- let Lara to talk to herself, but not too much, like these days.
- minimize her inventory (like in TRL : only two weapons + grenades )
- no more skills : the last game had too much of them...i didn't used half of them.
- vehicles sequences :like TRU or UC4
- free camera mod

I wouldn't mind, if they take some inspirations from the top cow comics.
-like when Lara found a hidden village in the Himalayas, in order to keep alive a person, but the villagers don't let her leave.
- or one of the crossovers, where Lara actually dies for a short time
-or the very last issue, where the manor is a museum, and Lara herself is immortal.(as long as she can drink from the fountain)

I only mentioned the comics, because a lots of them have drama (Lara's family, friends and stuff) so SE can have, what they love so much...

The most important: not to turn an another game of TR to something forgetable 3rd person shooting game... (wich almost is already)

08-01-17, 23:09
I wouldn't like to have lara's inventory minimized in an AOD version.

09-01-17, 11:42
what I meant is to have 2 or 3 secondary weapons.
Of course there would be an arsenal, but you can't carrying all of them.

09-01-17, 12:05
A decent storyline - Murti's work on AOD was absolutely stunning. He'd be my writer of choice for an ideal TR chapter.

Lara's signature weapons and outfit, her original gear with maybe a few modern addition would be perfect. Her classic personality should really come back, the witty British aristocratic cracking jokes and one-liners, but not just this. Her original elegance, charme, class in the way she faced her enemies and every difficult situations she had to deal with. A mixture of AOD Lara, more human and fragile without going overboard showing her weakness, and classic Lara from TR1-3. I really miss her, maybe the thing I miss the most from this new rebooted universe.

As far as gameplay goes, what we have now is not that bad, or at the very least it's a good start. I'd raise the difficulty level not just for the combats but for the gameplay in general, creating more intricate and complex environments to move in (not bigger, but denser). Less automation and hand-holding, more unforgiving traps and less on-screen hints, including Lara telling the players what they need to do. Very annoying, and spoils the fun. Last but not least, no white paint on every goddamm ledge. I can understand casual players need to be guided through the games, so even a simple option to turn some things on/off would suffice, just like they did in Rise with the Survival Instinct. Other than that, the current gameplay is not bad and only needs to be improved upon, I wouldn't scrap it completely.

09-01-17, 13:06
The whole purpose of AOD is to carry all those weapons in the inventory at once.