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16-01-17, 14:13
Hello All, I'm writing my dissertation about video games and the affect they have on individual people. I'm focusing a lot on the Tomb Raider franchise so it would be great if you could help me out by answering a few of questions!

1. When did you start playing Tomb Raider?

2. How do you feel about the Tomb Raider games?

3. Have the Tomb Raider games impacted your life at all? Give a brief explanation if you can.

4. What emotions (if any) have you experienced whilst playing a Tomb Raider game?

5. Do you see Lara Croft as a role model at all?

Thank you if you take the time to answer these! <3

16-01-17, 21:00
1. I'd say when I was about ten years old, watched my family play years prior though.

2. They're an integral part of my life and helped shaping me into the person I am today.

3. Yes. They sparked my interest in history and archaeology, traveling and learning about new cultures. They also introduced me to a community of other fans with similar tastes and opinions, resulting in making friends for life. Lara also played a pivotal role in my life and I've considered her a role model since I was little.

4. Excitement, fear, happiness, determination.

5. I sure do!

That's a fascinating topic for a dissertation! Best of luck with writing it! :)

16-01-17, 22:06
1 - I was seven when I first watched and then played Tomb Raider, that was back in 1997. After watching a friend of the family play the Tibetan Foothills, and at some point, Croft Manor, me and my sister wanted to have a go. It was exploring Croft Manor that really got us into the series and fall in love with Lara.

2 - I love the tomb raider franchise. Pre Tomb Raider 2013 is what I truly adore. I'm not fond of Lara being younger than me so I hated that they rebooted her. Core's biography (and even TRL-TRU as it is similar) is something that I've always known so to have it wiped away is horrible. Whilst there are some parts of the games that is not technically Tomb Raider-ish, I've always gone along with it because of Lara. I would be gutted if Tomb Raider didn't include Lara. I do appreciate that TR 2013 and RotTR actually included more history with the relics system but Crystal rebooting and changing the franchise has really tested our passion for the franchise.

3 - It sure did. Firstly it got me into gaming. Secondly, she influenced my characteristics. When I was seven, I wanted to be like her. I'm a tomboy because of her. I keep fit because of her. I have long hair which I almost always put into a plait because of Lara. We wanted clothes like Lara (we're not quite cosplayers but we make her outfits to wear generally). More recently, my sister and I even spent 4 years creating a Tomb Raider encyclopedia. We run a general tomb raider tumblr and we collect merchandise and have a tumblr on that. We became interested in history, mythology and archaeology because of Lara. Our dream jobs would be a historian or archaeologist or just working in a museum would be good enough.

4 - In my youth, fear- fear of the unknown and of the darker levels and fear of the creatures. But now, excitement on the exploration, awe of the locations and that Lara can do things that we can't and that she can go places that we can't. Happiness to be going along with Lara. (This answer does not include TR2013 however. I think a lot of that game included disappointment, annoyance and boredom).

5 - Very much so. Growing up with Lara, I didn't even look at her "assets". They were just a part of Lara. What makes Lara a role model to me is that she is brave, smart and she is strong. She is also a fun person. Whenever I get nervous, I think of Lara and how she would deal with it. It was these characteristics that (as silly as this is going to sound) we came to see Lara as a sister to us or a second mother (we were young). She was someone who we could go off exploring with or casually visit her at home. Even now when I play any Tomb Raider game (pre 2013 but incl. RotTR), I imagine that I am with her. If something dangerous is going to happen, Lara would go ahead and deal with it and I would 'follow' on behind. As I now take screenshots of the games, my role is the photographer for her travel books!

Hope these answers are helpful and good luck!

16-01-17, 23:35
1. When did you start playing Tomb Raider?Christmas of 1997. I was 15 at the time.

2. How do you feel about the Tomb Raider games?They're wonderful 3D platformers containing one of the most memorable video game protagonists of all time. I rather prefer the old Core-era games for their more methodical and consistent gameplay, their stories, and their interpretation of Lara's character. In my mind, this is the "true" Lara Croft.

3. Have the Tomb Raider games impacted your life at all? Give a brief explanation if you can.Yes. I met my fiance here at TRF. You guys know her as Ward Dragon (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/member.php?u=20574).

4. What emotions (if any) have you experienced whilst playing a Tomb Raider game? Wonder, frustration, rage, awe, confusion, sadness, wistfulness, terror, excitement, joy, satisfaction, elation.

5. Do you see Lara Croft as a role model at all?She's an escapist character, mythic and larger than life. As such she's a role-model only in the sense that Conan, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Indiana Jones, and Doc Savage are role models. These are characters we respect, admire, and ultimately fantasize about being, but none of them are supposed to be realistic per se. But can we learn form them? Sure.

The newest continuity of games makes a strategic error in downplaying this aspect of Lara's character and attempting to make her more "relateable". In my opinion, this works against Lara's strengths as a character. Tomb Raider shouldn't be about convoluted familial legacies and overcoming personal trauma. It's supposed to be fun. Furthermore, it works against the actual gameplay as well. There's a real sense of dissonance when the story aims for a tone akin to The Last of Us, but the game actually plays more like Uncharted with a better cover system.

17-01-17, 00:53
1. When did you start playing Tomb Raider?
1998, at the age of 5.

2. How do you feel about the Tomb Raider games?
They're a gift to humanity, by humanity, for humanity.

3. Have the Tomb Raider games impacted your life at all? Give a brief explanation if you can.
Yes. It helped cement some of my longest lasting relationships that go on to this day and encouraged several aspects of my life.

4. What emotions (if any) have you experienced whilst playing a Tomb Raider game?
Awe. Happiness. Anger. Frustration. Sadness. Nostalgia. Curiosity. Fear. Awe. Did I mention Awe?

5. Do you see Lara Croft as a role model at all?

SS Leigh
17-01-17, 01:46
1. When did you start playing Tomb Raider?
2005, i was 4.

2. How do you feel about the Tomb Raider games?
I feel like TR was the only game i've been playing since a long time ago. I feel like i grew up along with it. It's not just about the exploration but also the character. It's really hard to play Tomb Raider games and not become attached to Lara and her intimidating personality.

3. Have the Tomb Raider games impacted your life at all? Give a brief explanation if you can.
Definitely. As TR4 was my first game i have a great passion to Ancient Egypt History and i always wanted to travel around the world. When i was really young i used to wish Lara was real or at least inspired by a real person :o

4. What emotions (if any) have you experienced whilst playing a Tomb Raider game?
Inspiration, happiness, determination, awe... (Tomb Of Seth still give me the creeps after 12 years.. -~-)

5. Do you see Lara Croft as a role model at all?
Lara is strong, smart and she has an attitude (fight for what she wants), so yes. :)

17-01-17, 02:30
Ok, but since the 3 eras are so different and made for different kinds of customers, I don't know if you're interested on my opinion since I talk only about the Core series (I'm only a fan of it).

• 1. I started at age 7 with TR2 in about 1998-1999. It was love at first sight.
• 2. Tomb Raider is my hobby, I think about it everyday. I am disappointed with the Crystal's products and I feel that TR is ended up with Core, but the fanbase is still living after all these years like if it was yesterday. I love the games and I felt so much joy when I discovered a so huge fanbase still alive and that has created so many TRLE custom games and also so many patches and... It restored my resignment about the series (I don't hope in Crystal, I hope in the fan's products).
• 3. Since I was very much into climbing, jumping, exploring and risking, sometimes I secretly imagined to be Lara. :) And it also afflicted deeply my life since one of my true goals in the life is to create a very high quality fan game in the original style simulating the natural evolution of it. I also love the poweful 90s, so. I also have studied in a ITC to get closer to videogames, and I'm also an artist by default. Now I'm studying 3D from 6 months about and guess what my motivation to learn and continue is to create a 3D Lara model. So yes, TR afflicted my life in a productive way.
• 4. When I play to the Core ones I feel so free, but also motivated to complete the challenges (a thing that LAU series doesn't give to me). Playing TRs restores me, in fact I take long pauses of years before replaying an entire title, in order to "forget" the most of it :D I also want to be IN the videogame and the full controls that we have on Core Lara in that so precise environment absorbs me totally.
• 5. Uhm... Not properly. She is only the "portrait" of a role model, to be precise, because she's exaggerately inhuman like all the heroes of the old western comics and also her circumnstances are impossible. She perfectly fits into the sparkling 90s as style. She represents an unique role that Crystal didn't reproduced: she's like a classy man in a female body, she doesn't need to show you that she "can do it" like in LAU, in Core she smiles with serenity and proudness because she "already done it"! She was unreachable, alone, independent totally from the gender roles. She never filrts over than the AOD cutscenes, and she doesn't uses her sexyiness to obtain a different treatment, she's treated like a man, she shows that having huge boobs doesn't imply that you have to stay in the comfy subordinated role, but that you can be so much bold that neither huge boobies afflict the power that you have. Core Lara is the only character in the videogame's industry where her behaviour and personality surpasses her huge boobs, curvy hips and small waist. Her supposely sexy exaggerated body is the thing that adds the final proof of that. I mean, the whole series would be exactly the same with a male character or a girl with no boobs at all, so it was possible to add huge boobs freely with no sexual meaning, just only because she can have them freely. It's a very arrogant thing against all sorts of gender inequity, it's like kidding it, it's like a slap. (Considering that, often, the goal nowadays is to "hide" the woman from the men and the sex, so it's like escaping, not facing, nor surpassing) and she also doesn't need the feminism censoships on her body to be still independent and badass, because her boobs are unrelated to gender roles. She simply has so much power to not give a fk. We don't see something similar elsewhere, they have dared over the line. I think that the "model" we can take is the meaning that I said, that is absorbed from many fans even without realizing. Resuming: the most meaningful boobs ever.