View Full Version : Favourite storylines from the Tomb Raider Comics

29-11-17, 16:35
What's everyone's favourite storylines from the comics?

For me I was obsessed with the story line about Medusa's Mask. It was such a great old school adventure story steeped in Greek mythology. It also reminded me a lot of Core's earlier vision of the original game. :)

King Ultra
29-11-17, 18:37
I don't remember the name exactly but the one when Lara Dies in the huge Top Cow cross over battlenin new york,then finds herself trapped in the Egyptian underworld,and has to find a way out (which she obviously did)

30-11-17, 14:55
Lara and witch blade I think it was their first putting together. It was my first TR comic and it was 30$ with a golden glittery cover. I think they went to a fancy museum party and escaped in a red car and jumped off a bridge. Pretty cool.

The new GOL Lara comics are an awesome return to form. I loved the black dude with the eagle. Great edition and I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 artists renditions.

30-11-17, 15:23
The very last issue, where Lara was selfish enough to drink from the fountain of the eternal youth.
Especially the last text with the last panel: "The adventure never ends!" and Lara winks at you.

Also where she actually dies in the witchblade crossover. I like the friendship between her and that woman.

01-12-17, 14:55
I would have to say the Medusa Mask Saga as well! :)

Not sure why but the first few issues of a new comic series tend to be the best. It's like some sort of phenomenon :ponder:

I'm slowly working my way through the first 3 Archives (to prevent binge burnout) and the first few issues are just written so well! I maybe have a bias because the artwork and colouring is so gorgeous :o But the plot, pacing and dialogue is also exquisite :D

Daring Do
04-12-17, 19:38
The Samiko arc was pretty good, despite it's ending. Himiko ended up being a pretty cool villain.

13-12-17, 17:40
I enjoyed the entire post TR2013 run. I really liked that one issue where Lara took part in the Pride and Prejudice play and really enjoyed how she fought off baddies while in a dress.
If I had to choose one though, it would be the Queen of Serpents arc. It was the most tightly written.
I intend to read the Top Cow comics eventually.