View Full Version : Where can i order this Lara/Jolie collectible?

Soma Holiday
09-01-18, 10:31
Sorry if theres a thread for this but i cant search the forum on my mobile for some reason. :o

Does anyone know if this doll is legit and where i can order it? I see it listed on ebay from china but some sites say its not out yet...they all look pretty sketchy tbh. Any info? Or release date? Official website?

Heres a pic


09-01-18, 11:01
there a website address at the bottom of the picture....but it doesn't seems to work or doesn't exist

More on this figure: http://toyhaven.blogspot.ie/2017/10/preview-pop-toys-16th-scale-tomb.html

Soma Holiday
09-01-18, 18:28
The whole thing seems so sketchy haha i dont want to put my credit card in! Might just wait till its on a proper ebay store even though the price will be tripled probably. :(