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10-05-05, 16:13
Just listening to radio 1 here an i picked up this-

ITV have dropped the celebrity wrestling program after 3 weeks, ITV blamed the competition with the new doctor who series

- nothing to do with the "decisision-to-air-it-made-at-2-a.m.-after-3-bottles-of-wine-and-a-bag-of-suspicious-looking-powder" or the Z-list competitors then.

10-05-05, 16:25
celebrity wrestling is just awful. great as dr who is, you could put re-runs of the hetty wainthrop mysteries on saturdays at 7 and people would still rather watch that!

it got 2.5 million viewers last week which is just dreadful. ITV need to understand that they can't just put "celebrity" in front of any old programme. what'll it be next... 'celebrity suicides'???

10-05-05, 16:36
"celebrity wallet making" - that girl you saw on the cover of that magazine you sometimes get, as well as that guy who used to do that thing with the badger sit round a table for 3 hours a night an try to make as many versace wallets as they can before the bell goes....

10-05-05, 16:45
Reality shows are awful in my opinion. The only quality television still on is 24, The Simpsons and Law and Order.
All of the other good shows have finished: Red Dwarf, Buffy, Angel etc. Well written, intelligent programmes. I am appalled by a lot of the shows I see on TV nowadays.
I would much rather read a book :cool:

10-05-05, 16:50
Firefly is gone too :(

No more good TV.

10-05-05, 16:51
Smeg happens.

Oh and get this - "every so often a show that looks good on paper...."

Need i finish the BBC quote?
I mean which daft git honestly thought that?

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