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Lara Coft Baby
20-03-18, 05:32
I have been trying to collect all of the old and new comics but I can't seem to find an accurate list. Besides the Archives that have all the old top cow comics (one of which I own), I can't seem to find the individual comics anywhere. I found a few of them at a local comic/nerd shop near by. But is there any where, where I can find a list of titles a long with photos of all the top cow and dark horse comics? I know TRC.com has them but I don't see the title names and it doesn't really help me much. I was hoping to have a more detailed list if possible.

20-03-18, 09:14
I can only help you with the Dark Horse comics as you probably checked there anyway, but the DH site has all of their comics listed. I don't know where there's a comprehensive list of the Top Cow comics.

Edit: I found this, but I don't know if it has all copies. https://comicvine.gamespot.com/tomb-raider/4050-18951/

20-03-18, 09:29

Maybe here?

20-03-18, 17:30
All of the issues are here >> http://laracroft.pl/komiks/index.htm

20-03-18, 19:56
I've been working on a list of comics myself recently and you can see it here (http://tomb-raider-merchandise.tumblr.com/comics-list). It's still a work in progress and there a few museum editions and convention comics to add but hover over them and you'll get titles. I saw that Roli also had a list on his website here (http://www.raidingtheglobe.com/more/comics), so I stopped my list as I felt a little deflated. I will finish it eventually and have it more of a printable list so that people can print out and cross off covers. I also hope to add links to comics once I write them up.

But also check out Comic Collector Live (http://www.comiccollectorlive.com/Index/CoverTitle.aspx?id=ec602828-d196-4555-b307-336886427aed). This is what I'm using to find the lists of variants etc. You will have to use the search function to find the one offs and crossovers as the link I gave you will only show the Top Cow TR 1 - 50 series.

Lara Coft Baby
22-03-18, 03:48
You guys are awesome thank you, these helped a lot. :hug: :jmp: