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Smith will Suffice
13-05-05, 05:52
their new reality tv show debuting next week:

CLICK ME FOR INFO (http://et.tv.yahoo.com/tv/2005/05/13/britneyspears_chaotic/index.html)


13-05-05, 07:13
Cool :)

I like Britney. She's funny, kinda dippy, but you know what, thats just her. Im sure shes pretty smart.

Plus, I went to a few of her concerts. She can really dance and stuff.

13-05-05, 10:17
I like Britney, not her music though.

I did hear, about a year ago, that her and kevin were gonna take over the newlyweds show, but i guess not now.

13-05-05, 14:22
Newlyweds: Jessica and Nick ... Meet the Barkers ... now Britye and Kevin.


this is getting old.

13-05-05, 15:46
Looks funny.

13-05-05, 17:06
i think it will b really funny. i dont really like britney or kevin but i will b watchin it because it really wil b funny

13-05-05, 20:59
hi to every one

14-05-05, 00:59
It's not like Newlyweds.

Im looking forward to it.

14-05-05, 07:56
newlyweds i thought was really good. i think its a good idea

14-05-05, 15:52
I don't think its good, This is reality show number 1000? TV producers should think of a new idea...
But it could be fun....Britney Spears is almost as Dumb as Jessica Simpson :D

14-05-05, 18:35
i hate all reality shows. especially the newlyweds. and this chaotic thing's gonna be just the same. imo its for the fans - if u like Britney u might as well enjoy this show and if u aint a fan.. well then u probably gonna hate it cause its BORING as hell and plain stupid as well.

[/my honest opinion]

14-05-05, 18:51
I think all reality shows are a waste of time to watch. They're just a way to get your money if you watch them. Btw, I thought Britney didn't want to be under the media Eye... now she's being a hypocrite. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v445/Thorny/emo/lol.gif

15-05-05, 00:17
I think in a way this is her kinda taking control of the media, in regards to her life anyway. I just think she wants to have "her" say so she's doing the show.

15-05-05, 12:39
shes done it to show how much her and kevin are in 'Love' that what i think anyway

15-05-05, 13:06
Originally posted by emmarosecroft:
shes done it to show how much her and kevin are in 'Love' that what i think anyway nah its just that she doesnt sing anymore (thanks God! ) and well she has to make money somehow just like everyone else ya know ;)

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16-05-05, 08:03
Who said she doesnt sing?.........she's just taking a break.