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17-08-18, 13:40
Can I talk about how much I love Tomb Raider: Inferno? It's such a great are! It's right up there with Queen of Serpents IMO.
I love how the third issue has so many callbacks to things that happened in the reboot series, such as acknowledging Lara's first kill with Vladimir, or giving Jacob a mention. I also really like how well written it is. Delving into Lara's inner mind was a great idea for the issue. I loved the scene where Lara says she feels right at home when in danger and adrenaline fueled situations. I also really appreciated the Reyes cameo.

I'm still very salty about Sam though. I appreciate that they neatly tied up her plot, but I'd be lying if I say I won't miss her :(

I also need to talk about the art. I loved it so much. You can see Philip Sevy's improvement in his art style, and it's just incredible to watch. The colours were beautifully rendered IMO.

17-08-18, 14:51
I love it too. The art is beautiful, for one thing. And, like you said, I like that one issue had a large focus on Lara's mind. It nicely tied up the loose plot ends for a lot of the minor characters, and mentioned some of them one last time.

17-08-18, 14:55
I agree with everything you said (except Sam, she is much indifferent to me :p ). The best comic writers (while I'd argue the same could be said for RotTR, they made an actual compelling father-related story) and the best art in a Tomb Raider comic since the Top Cow ones (yes, I believe it's that good). Phillip evolved so much it's a pleasure to watch. Just hope they continue with this writing/drawing team if they continue to do comics post SotTR. Well done! :tmb:

I would also add, as a general semi comic enthusiast, Inferno 3 is actually one of the best non-independent issues of this year. Both the writing and the art in that issue are just in another level. It's that good. Sure, it's a less action-packed arc, but sometimes the best storytelling comes from taking an action hero and doing an introspective story to their psyche. And it's coming together really well for Tomb Raider :)

01-09-18, 18:00
I'm not sure how I feel about the idea behind the Tomb, and the 'Garden of Eden' but the psychotropic trip that Lara experiences is pretty profound, having Lara explore the depth of her traumas is something that should of been done in the game. Some of the artwork is pretty beautiful. This is definitely the best of the comics so far.

05-09-18, 14:00
i am def enjoying it v much so far