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13-05-05, 19:19
I've played a fair few games in my time but one thing that has been bugging me recently is Soldier of Fortune 2 (SOF2). This game was released in 2001/02 i think and it was really, really good for the time.

The games seems a bit 'clunky' compared to modern games, the physics and 'rag doll' elements have come on a long way from then, but overall the graphics and more inportantly the blood+guts realism of SOF2 has been unmatched by my subsequent 1st person and 3rd person game purchases.

SOF2 was rated 18, it has no swearing and no nudity. The game is typical anti-terrorist action with no disturbing 'horror' moments either. Despite this the 'damage system', as i refer to it, is really quite masterful and was so real that it earned the game its 18 rating.

Since SOF2 games have improved in most areas but we seem to have reverted back to the Red Faction, Halo and early TR system of a bullet causing a red puff of mist when it hits someone (or a black patch if it hits a wall) rather than actual damage.

I just wondered if anyone else has noticed this too, have I just purchased around the "realistic" games or is the gaming industry actually ignoring SOF2s advances?

13-05-05, 20:28
SOF2 is definately one of my favorites. It has very good exciting stealth implemented btw!!! (as we all know: in TR:AOD stealth is an unneeded addition and failure).
Very, very good game. After SOF2 5x (i couldn't get enough, how well this game rocks!) i played 'Die Hard - Nakatomi Plaza' which is a bit similar and good too (on ATI cards can cause problems -that can disappear by itself however-), to return again to SOF2 because it is so good and interesting enough to repeat. Really good serious thrilling shooters, that absolutely need no Directx9 effects! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif
</font> SOF2</font> Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza</font>

13-05-05, 20:31
I've only played the first SOF but I loved it. ^_^

13-05-05, 20:34
I enjoyed SOF2 even more than SplinterCell.
It will remain high in my 'top10 ever' list. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

13-05-05, 20:41
Cato, you should play SOF2 then. You'll agree!
I compared SOF2 to DieHard: ok, they are completely different stories. The first sets you to exciting missions and challenges, the second is 1 evolving story.
I meant the gameplay and the 'rockablility' and smootheness overall. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

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13-05-05, 20:42
I definately enjoyed it, got REALLY PO'd when Taylor bought it.

But to my main point, there hasn't been a new game since at that same level of realism has there?

Some horror games come close i would guess but 'normal' games have yet to equal it in terms of the 'damage system' correct?

14-05-05, 07:54
The damage system, which Jedi Knight II inherited in a more subtle form.. is the reason it got the 18 Certificate.

And to be honest, the game plays like the end scene from Resevoir Dogs. Though really I didn't care for it much.. while I'm sure it added to the realism greatly, and much like modern games can claim 'realism'; quite frankly it couldn't be further from the truth.

Half-Life 2 for example, is claimed to have the best game physics seen to date. Yet, if you shoot someone with a shotgun they fly backwards and thier limbs go every which way they can.

Yet in reality, you shoot someone in the chest with a shotgun; their chests explode towards you (not pleasent to either look at or be covered in), and rather than flying backwards what actually happens is they try to rebalance themselves yet ultimately just kinda fall backwards. Thier legs won't bend the right way, as it is quite difficult to break someones bones without getting them just right.. (I mean try breaking a tree branch, you'll notice the only way to really get it to snap no matter how strong your are is via a stress point)

Yet as I mentioned these physics are heralded as 'Realistic' when really they should be called 'Hollywood Real'.. The same goes for Soldier of Fortune.

What always got me was once you get past the Ghoul Engine 2.0, you realise that it's just another simple FPS. The only thing that actually makes it enjoyable is the fact that it's not set 2000 years in the future, or 200 years in the past.. or is another god damn WW2 game (like we NEED anymore!)

I did like Die Hard Nakatomi though. The control system was what really made the game, but the engine was a little rough around the edges compared to others of the time.