View Full Version : Is Tomb Raider Completely Dead As A Franchise?

08-10-18, 18:57
I remember playing the very 1st Tomb Raider game that was ever made when I was a young gamer, and the subsequent TR games that came after as well. They were excellent. Lara Croft kicked ass as a character, the running, climbing, exploration and gunplay was looots of fun, and TR just... was... a... great... gaming franchise!

Tomb Raider (the reboot) and Rise Of The Tomb Raider were so God-awful as games to me that I didn't even bother buying Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. So much potential, such great settings, and such horribly incompetent execution by the developers who don't know what makes a game actually fun. Where is the freedom we once had in TR games?

So I'm wondering whether Tomb Raider is now dead as a franchise?

I mean, what are these seriously untalented developers going to do after Shadow?

Another "New Emo Lara" game with a new setting, way too many cutscenes, Lara's dark past bla bla bla... and too little freedom like all the recent reboots.

So I guess this is it then - Tomb Raider is now DEAD as a once great gaming franchise.

I wish that these developers would throw the reboot Lara in the garbage bin and go back to the old, classic TR games and restart from zero from there.

Of course not - they are definitely going to make another 3+ reboot-Lara games that add nothing at all to the formula and disappoint everyone who pays money for them.

08-10-18, 19:12
What the hell are you talking about...
First, calm down, we all miss the classics.
And letís be honest, sales-wise, the reboot is MUCH more successful. So is the franchise dead? NO. Will it die? Hopefully never.
The reboot has so many fans worldwide and it actually inspired entire lives (including my own).
Itís ok to not like something, but Jesus, donít spread hate. Reboot Lara is important to so many of us, so hating her feels like hating myself.
Change your attitude and be grateful.

08-10-18, 19:13
Itís hard to tell where the franchise is going to go. Iíve seen a lot of disappointment online over the latest TR game and that it really didnít finish off or even feel like the third of a trilogy. I havenít played it myself so I canít say for sure. Depending on the success of the latest game and the critical reception weíll see if the franchise is dead. I highly doubt it. Iím still waiting for the return to the roots one day.

Mr GaGa
08-10-18, 19:18
The OP is obviously trolling or had waaay to much to drink.

Ahem, just because you personally don't like the reboot doesn't mean the entire franchise is dead. Lol go sit down and have some water. Put some lemon in it for good measure buddy :)

08-10-18, 19:22
It can be dead to you if you like. If you don't like the reboot games, fine and dandy, your preogative. It's not dead to me but alive and kicking. It's also not dead to a lot of people including new and old fans. We'll see if Shadow has been successful and then hopefully what the future holds soon enough.

08-10-18, 19:30
I didn't even bother buying Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.
Good for you.
But how can you make your own unbiaised opinion on a game you haven't even played? Especially because the devs are different, since it was Eidos Monteral instead of Crystal Dynamics this time.

tlr online
08-10-18, 19:33
Nothing constructive here, closing.