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Camera Obscura
19-05-05, 00:59
Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented. That's the name of the third installment.

It seems promising and from the promo video and official video, it looks like it will be a sad and depressing game...and scary too!

Especially when Miku says something about "Everyone's going... *Spoiler-Censored*..." I was shocked!

And when Kei said "Where are you...*Spoiler-Censored*...?" I was amazed at how all three games tie in together.

And during the video, I swear I caught a glimpse of a familiar...*Spoiler-Censored*... There are theories at cameralens.com that that person has the blue tatoo on the shoulder. OMG! If it is true!

For those who want to find out more go here:

For those who want to see the promo video (It's japanese) go here (Scroll to the end):

And for the "Official Trailer" you have to stream it at gamespot (This is where the good stuff is so I recommend you go here first):

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Taker Fan
19-05-05, 01:01
You got to be kidding me! Hey Camera Obscura, can you private message me and tell me the post you posted first without the censored?

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19-05-05, 19:23
Whens it hopefully out in Europe?
And over here it is called Project Zero!!!