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22-05-05, 01:39
I feel I need to tell you something very important and urgently. I would PM you but your PM is off. Could you turn them on or leave me your email? Thanks.

tlr online
22-05-05, 01:42

22-05-05, 01:55
Message sent.

tlr online
22-05-05, 02:00
Received. This is indeed very sad news, and highlights again the problems we face every single day with lazy webmasters ripping off our content.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

b/w your name sounds VERY familiar. Do you have a web site perchance?

22-05-05, 03:59
I was starting a photography website about a year ago but I just don't want to spend so much money each month. I also lead a busy life that leaves me little time to relax. Hmm I used to have a deviant art account but I left it since some past problems and starting a new career.