View Full Version : Which games are you going to buy this and next year?!

23-05-05, 11:55
First of all I'm buying TRL! :D I'm also going to buy PoP:KB (Kindred Blades), Age of Empires 3, GTA:SA (not sure) and BR 2 (also not sure)!
What are you going to buy?! :D

23-05-05, 14:07
"TR Legend" for the XBox

"Sid Meiers Pirates!" for the XBox

"Madden 2006" for the XBox

"Shadow Of The Colossus" for the PS2

"Smackdown vrs. Raw 2" for the PS2

"Legend Of Zelda: The Twilight Princess" for Gamecube

XBox 360 and probably many titles...

PS3 and probably many titles...

23-05-05, 15:21

.Age of Empires3/Rise of Nations2/Empire Earth2

.Halo2 for PC if it comes out

.Possibly get an Xbox2 or World of Warcraft if i'm really lucky

.Call of Duty2 if its out in time

.Dawn of War exp pack/DOW2 depeding on which one it is and when its out