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tlr online
23-05-05, 23:16
I've absolutely nothing to write about!? What on earth am I going to put in tomorrows mag?!

So fellow fine forum follk. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/mischievous.gif Now is your chance.

Write me an article for tomorrow's issue. You can completely fabricate something.... (I won't run it anyway but it'll be fun)

Let your imagination run wild.

23-05-05, 23:28
What magazine?

tlr online
23-05-05, 23:31
www.tombraiderchronicles.com (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com)

Camera Obscura
23-05-05, 23:42
Do you mean the latest news headline thing on the side? :confused:

Veronica Ma
24-05-05, 00:45
Hmm... have you ever written anything about our wonderful Custom Levels? Created by devoted TR fans for the enjoyment of other devoted TR fans? Quite the amazing thing, don't you think? I do. :D

24-05-05, 00:52
The importance of healthy oral hygiene... Ugh, half my face is numb from the anesthetic.

Why not write a report about the African area that the Circle Dynamics guy mentioned will be featured in the next installment of Tomb Raider?

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24-05-05, 02:43
In relation to that thread about posting pictures of our workstations/desks: Does the cleanliness of a desk have direct relation to character of the person?

24-05-05, 03:21
Why not forums topics?

24-05-05, 08:25
I know what you can write about, how the smallest measured ***** was 3 inches...........i swear it's true.

24-05-05, 20:01
What about writing something about Crystal Dynamics (description or report...), like: 'US, California-based developer, formed 1992. Part of Eidos Interactive since November 1998.....'. About their past, present or future plans (if there is).